Selecting DataVox Systems for CCTV solutions

The prime objective of DataVox Systems is to bring about simplicity in the CCTV solutions. You can get the best CCTV solutions for your business when you choose to work with DataVox Systems. However, the solutions are completely dependent upon the application. There are some vendors out that who believe in providing the same solution to all the clients without understanding the basic needs of the customer, but the case is completely different with DataVox Systems.

Quality CCTV DUBAI solutions are provided for every business with respect to the need of the business. DataVox Systems designs the solutions keeping many aspects into consideration that include the budget, business requirements, and the technical factors as well. This is the prime reason that the company has a huge portfolio of clients. Initially, the location is inspected so that the CCTV solution can be provided in view of the requirements.


Importance of CCTV

To protect your loved ones and your property from thieves, break-ins or even damage, you need different measures. These measures include high-resolution security cameras.  To make sure you stay and your loved ones stay safe, you need to pick the best selection of both indoor and outdoor cameras including night vision, Network IP, and Megapixel CCTV.

At, we are well aware of this fact, and therefore we provide you with ideal home surveillance cameras and systems. These systems help you to monitor the activity on your premises including, front or back doors, living room, gates, and entryways. Whatever your residential needs are, we are confident that we can entertain it.

We help you to keep yourself safe by providing you easy to install and maintain security solutions. Apart from only providing, we also allow you to select from the wide range of products on our website. So whatever you need, check up on your pets or observe your home, we have just what you need. To help you get started, following are a few points you need to mind when buying a home security systems

  • What is your Security plication
  • Are you going to monitor outdoor, indoor or both
  • What would you like the best, Wired or Wire Free
  • The Levels of detail you want to see
  • How many cameras do you need
  • Which camera form factor is best for you

Why Choose CCTV Cameras?

The camera surveillance systems act as the first line of defense in your fight against break-ins, theft or any other kind of property crime including vandalism. Also, these cameras also help you to fight off unwanted behavior or activities on your property. Despite what you need them for, business home or both, you get a turnkey that includes everything you need to keep an eye on your property.

home cctv installation dubaiThe CCTV kits help to surveillance both the inside and outside of your home. For this, you need to choose between the options to 1-32 cameras. These work with network-based connectivity to cover remote viewing of your home. The High-resolution HD image meets and even exceeds forensic standards that help to identify positively any subject that may pique your interest.

The motion detection recording helps you save your power; it does so by recording only when it’s important, such as recording any particular activity — adding up, the infrared imaging switches on low light or even night time conditions. This helps you to instant monitor any subject of interest despite whatever time it is.

Advantages of a CCTV Camera Security System

Are you facing difficulty choosing between whether to install CCTV camera systems or not? To Help you out, we are giving you the following points, take your time to go through them.

Better Dettrenter: The CCTV Cameras prove to be an ideal deterrent when it comes to potential thieves. Once the criminal release that your home or business is under the protection of camera systems, they are unlikely to proceed with their plans. Yes, Security prompts them to go invariably somewhere else.

Improved Detection: Prosecution rate for business owners who use CCTV is considerably higher as compared to those who do not like us this system. In case your company in unfortunate enough to become a target, if nothing there is a mental satisfaction that there will be detection and conviction.

Health and Safety: The CCTV helps for ensuring that your workforce staff adherence to the overall wellbeing of your company according to its policy. This becomes even necessary when it comes to food hygiene, law and other with other aspects of a working environment.  Not to mention, CCV proves to be an excellent tool for training of your staff.

Remote Monitoring: Now you can keep an eye on things even if you are not present on the premises. Security measures we provide you with can be controlled and viewed easily over the internet. Also, you can also use your tablet, phone or computer to see the live feed.

How We Come In

If you are looking forward to employing a complete security system, then there is good news for you.  We have now made it easier than ever. With us, you have the freedom of selecting each piece individually. Select all the pieces in the puzzle, and we will compile it up. With, you can even select a few components of the system, and we will pick up the remaining ones.

Our broad range of surveillance systems and its components have been carefully selected on behalf of reliability and usability of these products. At our website, you can find almost anything you want including cameras, cables, connectors, recorders and much more. We help you to customize your system right according to your individual needs. Also, we also custom built security camera systems.

Your Security Expert is your security expert. We not only provide you with the best in range products but also with outstanding services. We provide ourselves for offering cutting edge technology support and service in our sectors. To make sure you only enjoy the best with us, we make ourselves available 24/7. What makes us better than everyone else is we provide you with numerous options when it comes to surveillance systems.

A Direct Supplier

We are a direct supplier of Security Cameras, Video monitoring systems, and even CCTV equipment. Apart from CCTV, we also deal in IP cameras and HD SDI cameras. Not to mention, we have also included surveillance cameras with DVR systems. These feature remote internet viewing. Most of our monitoring system does feature DVR for all platforms, including Windows, iOS, and even Android. We deal with a complete system and individual components that are pre-configured yet, easy to install.

We provide you with the best customer service along with technical support. Apart from that, we offer competitive prices for all of our products.

What makes us Different

When you hire our services, you get to enjoy something far more than the typical CCTV installation and features. Yes, we prove ourselves better with the following characteristics.

ip cctv dubai


  • Wire Free Solutions

Yes, if you were wondering about Wire free CCTV solutions then you will be cheered by hearing the fact that we deal with them. Wire Free means you don’t have to worry about Cords; this gives you the ultimate freedom of using your systems, however, wherever you want.

  • High Definition Result

Don’t just monitor, pay attention to each detail. Yes, see everything in clear HD video that is capable of capturing every detail you need to know about.

  • Forget about Weather

You can place our cameras and systems anywhere without having a second thought. It doesn’t matter if the place is Wet, Dry, Hot or cool; our solutions are specially designed to withstand any weather Ordeal.

  • Night Vision

Now you can monitor in breaks without getting your hands on anything extra. Thanks to the LED capabilities and Infrared Cut of Filters, you can keep an eye on everything even when it’s dark out there.

  • Motion Alerts

Now you can record ever when the motion is detected or not. Moreover, you are provided easy control of your camera systems and how often you hear it.

Easy Control anywhere you like

It doesn’t matter whatever you are using, a complete and comprehensive CCTV System, a tablet or even a smartphone. All you need to do is pressed a button to check in. Now you can easily connect up to 10 cameras and watch up to four of them at a time.  We work towards creating a surveillance system that fits your lifestyle while making things safe for you.

  • Easy to Adjust

We provide you with wireless cameras that you can easily move around. For example, you have a napping baby, just place one camera over his crib and keep an eye on while taking care of some other things. Are you going on a location? It’s best if you move the camera to the front door and see what’s happening.

  • Keep an Eye Out

Thanks to the weatherproof feature, you can not only keep an eye on the inside of your house. Yes, you can also note the Activity is going outside such as who is coming up in your driveway, knocking at your door or is out in your yard. Moreover, with a mobile app, you don’t need to be at home to know it all.

Simple and Easy Installation

We work on different systems with different installation procedures according to your specific demands. If you want, we can even provide you with wire-free solutions that can attach to an entirely magnetic mount for a simple setup. All you need to do is just connect the base station to Wi-Fi router, Sync the camera and fire it up.

You can also move the camera around your house by snapping it in and out of the magnetic mounts or on a flat surface.  It doesn’t matter what you need it for, Home Security, Business Security, Baby Monitoring or even Pet Monitoring, we only provide you with the best.

CCTV cameras are to provide video surveillance for various occasions. Institutions such as School Districts use these Short Circuit cameras to monitor the activity on their premises. Just like that, Business also uses these cameras to keep an eye on its workforce.

The CCTV cameras also help retail business to establish themselves as this camera provide them exclusive protection for sustaining a loss from any unfortunate eve. These systems are ranked among the best measures that are employed for safeguard personal and professional lives.

How We Help You Out

We assist you in staying safe and secure by acting on the following steps:

  • Project Consult

We provide you with a comprehensive project assessment to determine your business and home requirements. Furthermore, we work with you for the sake of designing security that fits well into your daily routine.

  • Security Audit

Before suggesting anything, we remotely walk through your home or facility. Hence, we even ask for building plans or blueprints to get a better idea of the building structure.  This helps us to provide you with better.

  • System Integration

If you have complex technology requirements, then see the extensive line of expertise we offer you in security and IT technology. Both these aspects allow us to configure your camera system for the maximum potential.

Why You Need Us?

From security consulting to compiling a top-notch management system, provides you an extensive range of services and products to meet all your challenge needs. Furthermore, we provide you with a high level of service to take the “What if’s”out of context. By hiring us, you can rest in peace knowing your property and family is safe! The following points will elaborate on how we help you to achieve this peace of mind.

  • Smart Technology

The security measures we implement uses smart technology that watches out your property and loved ones when you are not with them. If you want, you can integrate the alarm system while you are on the go.

All of our systems are backed by comprehensive software platforms along with the far most advanced technology. We work around the clock to make sure you get high-level reporting for seamless continuity of your business and your daily routine.

We are the one Stop Shop, which offers a broad range of services and products. All of this comes with consolidated billing and unmatched customer care service. Putting it all up, we are here to deliver results, nothing else!

  • Reliable Partnership

Being a well-established security provider, we lead a strong financial track record as we believe in building long-term relationships. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. When you hire our services, we work WITH you to make your home or business better secured.

  • Expertise

With our extensive experience in providing top of the range products and services covering a wide array of industries and sections, we look towards working with challenging work details. Therefore, whatever you need or budget is. We see to our best efforts to provide you the best according to it.

The prime offering of DataVox Systems

You can get a four CCTV camera system. Apart from this, you can also get a larger CCTV system that incorporates CCTV IR lightening, PTZ cameras, and advanced level detection as well. Sometimes a simple camera upgrade is a solution to your problem. CCTV solutions are available for different places that include Al Ain, Dubai, Khor Fakkan, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras- Al- Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain.

DataVox Systems setting an impression on the clients

DataVox Systems is undoubtedly the smart solution for Surveillance and security. Once you have a reliable security system your employees would feel a lot more secure in the offices and the business premises. It is guaranteed that once you have worked with the company and experienced the efficiency of DataVox Systems then no other company would impress you more. The team works with a strategy and puts in a lot of efforts to communicate with the clients in the best possible way to reach the desired solution.

DataVox Systems truly has a bright future ahead and is striving to go the extra mile for the clients to win their goodwill for sure. When you need to get in touch with the service visit so that you can get the basic insight about the company. You can raise your queries, and the proactive team would make it a point to answer you and you would be keen to avail other services like telephone system Dubai, call center solution Dubai, etc.

Driven by the passion to safeguard our clients and their businesses, the provision of CCTV systems and other aspects of modern, safe, trustworthy security and monitoring technology are also an area where we specialize, We can offer purchase, and installation of surveillance technology, cameras and all things CCTV related in all shapes, sizes, and capabilities for our clients, whether individuals or corporate bodies. Our systems are fully fitted, equipped with state of the art technology which is more than capable of meeting and surpassing your viewing requirements and expectations. With our surveillance systems, regardless of your geographic location, as long as you’re within internet coverage (preferably 3G or 4G), you’ll have full access to your video feed at your convenience.

Our company also makes a full and comprehensive list or currently available viewing lists available for our clients. That way, you’ll be able to view our footage from any device you prefer; whether your mobile smartphone, tablet or computer system.

We are equipped with a peerless and undisputed technical support system. Our staffs are highly trained professionals who will work tirelessly to make sure that everything concerning your surveillance system works fine, in top working condition and to ensure that your burning questions are answered, and to ensure that you are fully acclimatized to working with this system. To work with our systems, only a rudimentary knowledge of the functions f a CCTV system is needed. Our support staff is more than willing to assist you with anything at all. every of our installation is carried out by our specialist engineers, so you can rest assured that the job will be completed to the best and highest of standards. our top priority is to serve in the best way possible, so we take pride in professional service delivery, however how big or small the job may be. Also on our priority services list include regular maintenance of your CCTV device, we have a team of specialized technicians highly professional readily available, should there be a malfunction of operations and responsive to your requests 24 hours 7 days. We will put all measures in place and provide maximum security and forestall crime, burglary, theft, and vandalism of properties.

DataVox Systems has been providing quality telephone system installation Dubai, it support Dubai, mail hosting and call center solution Dubai since a long time. Our services are reliable and credible so you can trust us with CCTV installation or upgrade as well. The interesting part is that CCTV upgrade and installation is quite a complex job, but this is not a big problem for us because we have a competent team that understands its responsibility and tries to do the job in quite a dedicated way. Let us give you an in-depth insight into the CCTV solutions so that you can benefit to the utmost.