3CX Telephone System

Companies looking for ways to improve their communication system, conduct crucial meetings via web conferencing, and enhance the productivity of their agents should embrace the 3CX Telephone system. By the way, what is this technology-based system is all about? The next section will give you the basic idea about this modern telephone system

What is 3CX?

3CX in Dubai is a versatile software-based and open standard PBX telephone system that assists companies to deal with their day-to-day communication needs. You can run it on the cloud, on premises, virtualized via VMware or Hyper using a functional server.  Apart from its basic features, 3CX offers advanced communication features like the ability to deliver faxes and voice mails via emails, forward text messages, as well as online meeting and host webinars.

3cx Platinum Partner Dubai

3cx Platinum Partner Dubai

This technology-based communication software helps remote workers to make free interoffice phone calls. Apart from that, customers can easily reach out to them at a reduced cost. It is also worth noting that 3CX telephone system reduces the telephone bills and communication cost of users through the elimination of licensing as well as extension-based billing.  You will be interested to learn that 3CX comes with VoIP clients that are designed for Android and iOS devices.  This feature allows users to take and transfer calls from their smartphones and view the presence of their colleagues from anywhere they are.

Furthermore, 3CX has a feature called click to call that can be added to the browsers that are well-known like Firefox and Chrome. It can also be included in the existing CRM. The usefulness of this functionality is that it enables you to detect phone numbers automatically on emails, web pages, as well as their present CRM system, allowing you to place with the CRM system or within the web browser.


Effortless user & system management

  • Easy user management. Save countless hours of work.
  • Add new staff, set up voicemail and update users in minutes.
  • Flexible inbound/outbound rules, DIDs & ring groups.
  • Lockdown-ready with our apps for Web, iOS & Android

3CX Dubai UAEBenefits of 3CX Telephone System

Are you planning to integrate the 3CX into your company’s system of communication?  Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy:

  • It can be easily installed and managed

One of the advantages of a 3CX telephone system is that you can install it without stress and its management is quite simple. This system can be set up in the cloud with the help of a functional cloud service account. You can virtualize it on an existing server via VMware or Hyper V, or run on-premises by installing the software on Linux machine or Windows.

  • Quick deployment of IP Phones and upgrades of softphone

New firmware can be deployed when a softphone or IP phones require an update.  You can quickly achieve this by clicking on the management console.  Besides,  before upgrades on the softphones and IP phones, 3CX software will carry out a firmware examination for instant detection of issues that affects interoperability.

  • Advanced Unified Communication Solution

Designed as a unified communication solution, the PBX telephone system ensures that company and organization, as well as their workers to tackle all their communication needs without purchasing different software, using an add-on, or the need for making an additional installation.

  • Automatic configuration of Gateways, IP phones, and SIP Trunks

3CX allows users to connect with SIP trunks, IP phones, and gateways that are supported as the solution is being deployed in the cloud or on-premises.  The IP phone system can configure gateways, IP phones, and SIP trucks automatically, eliminating the need for tedious configuration.

  • Instant Messaging

Another vital communication feature of 3CX is instant messaging.  This functionality allows users to chat with their colleagues at work and connect with customers by sending and receiving text messages. Users will be able to reach out to coworkers and customers from a mobile device or any desktop computer without having to install any third-party instant messaging software or paying extra fees.

  • View Presence status of Coworkers

The system features an advanced unified communication feature that can know the presence status of employees.  This feature eliminates the embarrassing call transfer when customers call to make an inquiry.  The system ensures that the call is routed to someone available to take the call. Apart from putting an end to frustration that comes with unnecessary call transfer,  it also eliminates the use of costly voicemail tags.  When employees are not available to receive calls from customers, they can modify their presence status, so their colleague will be aware of their unavailability.  This feature of 3CX is perfect for companies and organizations that have remote workers.

  • Web conferencing that is cost effective and easy to set up.

Another important advantage of the 3CX telephone system is a straightforward and cost-effective web conferencing. It is an advanced unified communication feature that offers a new capability that features a technology known as the WebRTC. The free technological solution enables you to communicate real-time on web browsers and applications via APIs, allowing the users to hold online meetings from anywhere through their web browser.

  • Reduced Travel Cost

Besides helping users to lower their communication cost, it also help to reduce their travel cost through the web conferencing application.  Instead of embarking on a long-distance journey for a meeting, it can be done via web conferencing with the help of the WebRTC technology that enables users to host online meetings, webinar and audio-visual communication irrespective of their location.

  • Remote control, Screen Sharing, and Classroom Capabilities

Apart from the reduction in travel cost, web conferencing also provide users with screen sharing and remote control functionalities which of great benefit for companies that carry out product demonstration on the internet.  3CX also has classroom capabilities that allow the participant to respond to surveys, increasing engagement in the process.

  • The Conversion and Delivery of Fax and Voicemail

Another exciting feature of 3CX is the fax and voicemail conversion and delivery.  With this functionality, faxes are converted into PDF files while voicemails are transformed into sound. Once the fax and voicemails are converted via the 3CX system, they can be transferred or sent via electronic mails.  Therefore, workers will have the privilege of accessing fax messages via their email, and they do need to make a call anymore to listen to voicemail messages.

  • Reduction in Telco charges

Telco fees are generally expensive, and one of the ways by which these exorbitant charges can be drastically minimized is through the use of 3CX telephone system. Companies can now enjoy the benefits of reduced telco cost when they integrate this technology-based system into their communication system.  The question is, how exactly does this system reduce telco cost?   Employee and remote workers can call each other free of charge through the IP phone system.  The 3CX enables them to make calls to their main offices and all other offices within the company at no cost.

Apart from the free intra-company call, customers can reach out to the workers at a reduced call rate.  The reduction of call rate is as a result of the service called DID (Direct Inward Dialing).  The direct inward dialing provides the organization with an array of dedicated telephone numbers that will enable the customer to reach out to a specific employee or workstation in the firm.  With this service, the company does not need any physical phone line for each connection. Preferably, it utilizes SIP trunk lines through which calls are handled online.

Important 3CX Features for Business Phone System

3cx distributor dubaiThe communications need of one company is different from the other. Therefore, the features your company needs in a phone system may be different from what your competitors want. However,  a quality 3CX phone system must have the following features:

  • Unified messaging

Unified messaging makes communication easy and straightforward.  Rather than wasting dialing into voicemail or checking a fax machine now and then, this robust technology-based phone system allows you to receive all message vial your electronic mail.  You receive fax messages as PDF file and voicemails are delivered into your inbox as sound files.

  • Mobility

Mobility is a feature that is a must-have for every communication system.  The 3CX system allows workers to take their office extension anywhere they go, so they won’t have to miss urgent calls from customers or clients.  Apart from that, it allows workers to set their presence, so their colleague can quickly contact them.

  • Easy Management and installation

Another feature that the company must look for when upgrading their communication system is easy management and installation.  One outstanding feature if the 3CX phone system is that it is easy to set up, deploy, and manage.  The fact that it can run on an existing Windows machine makes it simple to install and maintain.  It is worth noting that the installation of the 3CX phone system is as straightforward, all you need to do is to plug an IP phone into the network and allow 3CX to identify and configure it automatically.  Also, the management of this phone system is simple.  You can make any changes or upgrade to the service via the 3CX management console.

Why Choose 3CX IP PBX System

Effective communication is necessary for the growth of any organization, the best way to boost communication, enhance productivity, reduce cost and telco cost, and enables promotion attention to customers’ call is to embrace the 3CX PBX System.

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