Samsung PBX Dubai to Groom your Business

Are you satisfied with your current business communication system? Does your current communications system serve your business needs? What about the future? Asking all these questions, its time you take your business communication seriously as this can mean the life of your business.  In case you are not quite happy with it, it’s time to embrace the change.

Samsung, being a global dominator of communication and IT tech lies at the forefront of convergent technologies. To make sure you enjoy its business potential, considering implementing its Samsung PBX Dubai products and solutions in your business. See the following for your consideration.

Small Business Communication

The Samsung PBX solutions for small business offers a series of sophisticated features at affordable prices. These solutions are designed to deal with all your security concerns. It allows the user to gain quick access to their systems. These systems come with Automated Attendances with Uniform Call Distribution. It also allows call is queuing along with messages and IP trunks.

Also of all that, this private branch exchange also offers SIP protocols with easy to Deploy IP extensions. These extensions facilitate the remote workers for gaining access to wireless voice and data. The mobile extension helps for mobile pairing with desktop phones.


Samsung PBX System Dubai

Office Serv 7030

Office Serv 7130 DubaiThe Office 7030 is made to meet the communication needs of small business. This PBX system is flexible and quite affordable.  Perfect for both single commercial and multiple sites, this system can be expanded as your company grows.

Now your small business can enjoy the same powerful communication as larger enterprises. To help you enjoy the ultimate user experience, Samsung PBX Dubai comes with a vast array of stylish and easy to use handsets.  The handsets are designing according to your specific needs such as making, receiving calls with simple navigation.

Now you don’t have to worry about your clients; the Samsung auto attendant feature answers all calls. This attendant can be programmed to respond different calls with the provision of various greeting messages set for each department or extension. This attendant acts on behalf of your company and acts as the front line for customers.

Email and Voicemail Integration

The Samsung Voicemail comes with advanced call features that allow voice messaging. Now record your greetings for different circumstances such as busy, no answer, out of office and others. The Samsung Voicemail is one Step further as it lets intelligent route callers along with different settings and call routine based on the time of day, day or even according to Caller Id or Direct in-dial.

The Samsung PBX Dubai email integration features comes with easy to use tools to access and manage your messages directly from email box. Therefore, despite where you are, inside or outside of your office, you can still receive, respond, forward or even transfer the voice and email messages without a hitch.


OfficeServ 7100

OFFICE SERV 7100 DubaiIdeal for more than 56 extensions, this is the perfect example of flexibility combined with responsiveness. The OfficeServe 7100 gives small business a competitive edge. With its high-end technology, this communication solution shows support for quality communication and collaboration.

 Aside from providing quality communication solutions, the 7100 is quite affordable for small business. Yes, now even small companies can affordable, sophisticated communication technology only enjoyed by large enterprises.


  • Wi-Fi for wireless Voice
  • Affordable IP Trunks
  • SIP Connectivity
  • Compatible with PC and Telephony Integration
  • IP Extension for Remote Workers
  • Uniform Call Distribution with SIP Connectivity
  • Voicemail and Email Integration

OfficeServ 7200                         

Office Server 7200 DubaiThe OfficeServ 7200 Coming with Voice-Call with LAN and WAN modules. Now you can integrate wire and wireless platform such as Phone, PC, Mobile Phones for ease of communication. The OfficeServ 7200 comes with IP-based Feature for the provision of IP solutions. This P integrate functions of mail server, Session Initiation Protocol server with Voice over IP Unified Messaging Service.

The Samsung OfficeServ supports IP UMS allows unified messaging service including IP Phone, Email, fax and even voice mail. It further allows you to access communication devices with UMS anytime anywhere as the Samsung UMS is web based.

OfficeServ 7400

Office Serv 7400 DubaiThe OfficeServ 7400 supports traditional communication with VoIP, IP-based data transfer, and Wireless LAN.  Now Enjoy Advanced Data Networking with QoS stability to increase your data traffic. The OfficeServ comes with improved communication systems to help you handle the increased voice and data traffic of IP telecommunications for your small to medium business as these support Gigabit Ethernet with Layer 2/3 LAN Switching.

The security of your communication is always a priority, and that’s why Samsung provides you Interface Modules integrated with Firewall, VPN, and even IDS to help applying the security policy against any intrusions.  Now free yourself from confines of your office and embrace a cost effective quality communication solution.

OfficeServ Communicator

The OfficeServ is integrated with the communications application to combine the voice, instant messaging and video communication. This Samsung PBX Dubai system adds administration functions to help you customize your Handset, according to your needs. With this system, you can enjoy high-end functionality for your business without breaking your budget.

This communication system allows you to dial directly from Microsoft Outlook contact list. It also provides you access to call logs with redial of any number. With OfficeServ, you can make video calls as quickly as voice calls. All you need is webcam with this communicator. Now you can start video conferencing without any complicated setup. Just call the people you want to join you and add them. Now you can recall what you discussed in the meeting with this a press of a button.

Samsung Office Serv Communicator DubaiFeatures

  • Easy Integration with IP Terminal without server for entry level module
  • Licensed on Per-User basis without any preserve license to scale down for small use
  • HOC to Call and Video Recording for Local PC
  • White Boarding
  • Application Sharing
  • Screen Pop of MS Outlook -Contact Information and list
  • Click to Dial for MS Outlook
  • Configuration for Handset, features, pictures and phonebook
  • Dual Model for Standalone Soft Phone
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