Digium IP Phones Built For Your Communication Needs 

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For people who use a customized Asterisk-based communication system or Switchvox Unified Communications system, the choice of VoIP phones to purchase makes a big difference in how you run your business. Digium IP phones are specifically tailored to this unique system and allow you to get and receive calls with ease. Instead of using traditional phone lines, as the old-fashioned landline phones still do in many offices, you now connect directly to others over the Internet.

Digium IP phones come in three main varieties with styles and capabilities to suit whatever your communication needs are. This article covers some of the most popular and how you can use them to augment your professional office business to business, business to consumer, and service-oriented phone calls.

How Do Digium IP Phones Work?

The Digium brand program called Asterisk offers open source access to anyone who wishes to use a powerful communications system. They also offer a unified communications system called Switchvox. Both of these have been used with various varieties of phones in the past, but now the company has created hardware that integrates perfectly with these systems to bring you even better talk ability than ever before.

These VoIP phones allow for the highest levels of customization with the aforementioned systems and the potential for more performance, too. These phones also include apps that focus on increasing productivity and the ability to run custom JavaScript apps directly from devices. Of course, all the classic business phone abilities are still present. These include voicemail, call recording, digital contact directories, and full monitoring capabilities for a phone call queue.

The Digium IP phone systems offer additional benefits:

  • Completely scalable networks for any size office
  • Full-service support from Digium directly on a global scale
  • Convenient bundling to serve the largest users
  • Both Android and iOS operating system capabilities
  • Phones receive power from your Ethernet connection
  • HD Voice for clear understanding every time
  • Easy connection for any headphones or headset

These excellent VoIP phones can suit anyone’s professional needs. They come with easy to see, colorful LCD displays so you can navigate to all the features with a few taps. The sound quality uses high definition voice so every part of the conversation will be crystal-clear and easy to understand. Also, they are an affordable choice for smaller companies who do not want to invest in a telephone system that is too large for their current needs.

Popular Models of Digium IP Phones

This brand of exceptional digital phones for VoIP connections come for use with either the Asterisk or Switchvox communications systems. Installation on any of the models is super quick and easy. This is truly plugged and play technology. The customization options on all of the phones are quite robust with a wide variety of apps and abilities at your fingertips.

Asterisk Digium IP Phones

If you use this open-source communication system in your office or other location, what could be better to fulfill your contact needs than high-powered VoIP phones specifically designed for it? The company created and maintains the project to begin with, so they obviously know how to create the best phone that matches its needs. Buying the phones from them directly helps to fund continued exploration and development of the Asterisk project.

Digium’s answer to this system comes in the form of two different types of IP phones. They are suitable for people interested in affordability and efficiency as much as they can be scaled for large corporations or other groups that need in depth integration with existing systems and the latest in communication after power.

D-Series IP Phones

These plug-and-play phones have in-depth capabilities for the modern office. Included apps help you save voicemail and view it on the screen, keep track of contacts with a robust directory, record calls whenever you need to for quality oversight, and so much more. They even allow for custom app programming to take care of unique needs particular to the user. With large touch screens, they provide user-friendly power to anyone.

A-Series IP Phones

These budget-friendly IP phones do not skimp on capabilities despite their lower price. Features still provide all needed tools to keep your communication clear and call management on point. Smaller colored screens and push-button operation makes them familiar for all users.

Switchvox Digium IP Phones

For those people who use the alternative system, the D-series of IP phones will suit you perfectly. They come in a variety of styles and prices to suit any budget. The company even offers a Softphone option which is perfect for communicating on the go with your Digium system and others. This allows you to move seamlessly from the office to anywhere without breaking the connection.

D60 Entry-Level Phone – This affordable phone system has a four-inch color screen, four feature keys, two dedicated lines, one key per contact, can be powered with your Ethernet connection, and includes helpful communication apps.

D62 Entry-Level Gigabit Phone – This phone model takes all the benefits of the entry-level one but expands its Ethernet LAN and PC port capabilities. It is perfect for offices that need more power but do not want to spend very much.

D65 Mid-Level Phone – Take things to the next level with this IP phone. It offers six lines, up to five keys and 100 contacts, and built-in Bluetooth for even more connected capabilities.

D80 Executive Level Phone – The top range VoIP phone model features the latest in touchscreen technology to make using it so easy for anyone. The full-color screen is seven inches tall. The phone comes with fixed line registrations, the possibility of 100 contacts, and all other features shared by the other models. This is truly the phone of the future for productivity, ease of use, and all the latest communication qualities you want.

Any company, organization, or other professional or non-profit entity that needs and in an office phone system that delivers modern capability and high definition sound should check out the versatile Digium IP phone systems available today.

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