Polycom IP 5000 Dubai High-Quality Conference Phone

Polycom IP is a renowned company, and it invents various telecommunication devices. Some of the highly rated products by this company are Conference Phone for VoIP line, Polycom SoundStation conference phone Polycom IP 5000 Dubai is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Another item is Polycom HD Voice technology, an open standard SIP, and modern design, make it an ideal model for offices and conference rooms.

Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity provides the best quality experience with the IP conference phone. Polycom IP5000 HD Voice technology that provides crystal-clear, natural sound quality during calls. SIP-telephone, which maximizes voice quality and ensures the availability, functionality while simplifying management.

Administration of the high-resolution display panel provides information on calls, offers support in many languages resistance to interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices while delivering clear sound without distortion. The small size allows installation on a desk or small table. High interoperability of VoIP – the device is compatible with multiple platforms, this technology provides following salient features that make it the right choice for you

  • The improvement of the quality of voice (Acoustic Clarity Technology)
  • The range of microphones to 2 meters
  • PoE, external power supply available as an option
Polycom IP5000 Dubai

With Polycom IP5000 Dubai HD Voice technology, the SoundStation IP 5000 conference phone boosts effective functionality and helps in reducing listener fatigue by turning ordinary conference calls into crystal-clear, interactive conversations. It captures both the deeper lows and higher frequencies of the human voice for conference calls that sound as natural as being there.

It gives such a feeling if you are present at the spot right in front of the person to whom you are talking with. The SoundStation IP 5000 leverages Polycom’s strong history in both conference phone and VoIP technology to deliver the most robust standards-based SIP interoperability in the industry.

It shares the same SIP phone software base with Polycom’s award-winning SoundPoint IP products – the most comprehensive, reliable and feature-rich SIP products in the industry with proven interoperability with a broad array of IP PBX and hosted platforms. The Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 conference phone gives you a very remarkable performance as it gives crystal-clear conference calls for small conference rooms and also during executive offices. It comes with some extraordinary features and is available at an affordable price.

Conference calls are made more productive and efficient by three sensitive microphones with 360° coverage that allow users to speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly from up to 7 feet away.

The phone also features technology that resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, delivering clear communications without distractions. From full-duplex technology that eliminates distracting drop-outs to the latest echo cancelation advancements, only Polycom can deliver a conference phone experience with no compromises.

Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies setup, with an optional AC power kit available. The SoundStation IP 5000 conference phone includes a high-resolution backlit display for the vital call information. You can Use our free consultation for choosing the right product for your business. Our highly professional installation team can handle small to big Projects including Call center setup and sip trunk between multiple offices.