Logitech Distributor Dubai: Transforming the meeting room into a collaboration space

At present, one firm that is transforming how teams collaborate, eliminating boundaries, and opening new possibilities using a beautifully designed video collaboration solution that is affordable and fit size for all rooms is Logitech. Logitech video conferencing camera helps your team to share files, screens, whiteboard ideas, and talk while making your meeting productive and fun.

The Logitech Video Conferencing Camera also provides a crystal clear and sharp video/audio, which helps to convert the meeting room into a collaboration space. It uses a webcam, USB headsets, and a high-quality HD video that enhances desktop collaboration. One unique feature of the Logitech Video Conferencing is that it is easy to use when integrated with any video conferencing software that allows video meetings where everyone can be heard and seen at the same time.

HOW Logitech VC WORKS            

Making a video call in the office space requires less noise and avoiding total distractions, Logitech Group designed the Logitech Video Conferencing Camera that helps to turn any desktop into an instant collaboration space. The Logitech Video Conferencing Camera features a plug-and-play USB HD webcam, headset, a mobile hands-free speakerphone, which makes face-to-face desktop collaboration very easy.  Also, the premium webcam has a RightLight, which can be used to optimize images to get more natural light and color.

logitech dubaiThe audio solution also uses a noise cancellation technology to provide crystal-clear audio, which ensures that you can be heard in an open or private office environment. From small huddle rooms, multipurpose rooms to large meeting rooms, Logitech Video Conferencing Camera makes video collaboration seamless for any business. Users can walk into the office space and launch their meeting just with a single touch, which makes hosting and joining a meeting effortless for participants.

It can also capture an entire space in derails while offering the ability to focus on details like the whiteboards, presenter, or panelist. Whether it’s for a meeting, workshop, seminar, or a presentation, Logitech Video Conferencing cameras give participants the experience of sitting together in the same room, even when they are in different locations that are a thousand miles away.

Why Choose Logitech Video Conferencing Cameras?

  • Affordable: Logitech Group provides an affordable video conferencing solution for mid and large-sized meeting rooms.
  • Crystal clear audio: The audio solution also uses a noise cancellation technology to deliver a crystal-clear sound, which ensures that you can be heard in an open or private office environment.
  • Perfect for larger rooms: Logitech Video Conferencing Camera is ideal for a large size room of 14 to 20 people with high-quality HD videos and crystal clear audio. It makes use of advanced features like noise reduction, echo cancelation, and intuitive controls, which turns a meeting place into a collaboration space.
  • Plug-And-Play Simplicity: This amazing Video Conferencing Camera also gives room for a USB plug and plays connection that makes it easy to use.
  • Versatility: Logitech Video Conferencing Camera is built to have a customized layout that can match the size of your meeting room and layout.
  • High-Definition Video: It also makes use of a premium lens, 10x lossless zoom, HD 1080p/30 performance, whiteboards, perfectly frame presenters with a field of view to provide the perfect coverage for large and medium room video conferencing.
  • Natural-Sounding Audio: Logitech Video Conferencing Camera makes use of the full-duplex group speakerphone which delivers profoundly clear and crisp audio. It also uses noise cancellation and echoes reduction technology that makes the conversation natural while reducing vibration.
  • Speakerphone with Bluetooth: Logitech Video Conferencing Camera comes with a 360-degree coverage four omnidirectional mics which helps to pick up speech throughout a 6m / 20 ft diameter while reducing keyboard clicks.

Finally, every organization whether large or small which have a meeting room where presentations are made, critical decisions are taken and global relationships built need a video conferencing camera that ensures a seamless collaboration in the workplace and turns the office space into a meeting room effortlessly.

Whether it’s for a meeting, workshop, seminar, or a presentation, Logitech Video Conferencing cameras give participants the experience of sitting together in the same room, even when they are in different locations that are a thousand miles away.

With Logitech Video Conferencing Camera from Logitech Group, you can turn your meeting room into a collaboration space. This fantastic device is built to adapts to the shape or layout of your room. It makes meeting easy, automatic and ensures that everyone can be seen and heard at the same time, using a noise cancellation technology.

Logitech rally

Logitech is following its own trend of shaping the industry with innovative technology and high-quality cameras to make videos. It has raised the level of the game for all the other brands setting a unique standard for USB cameras. It also offers an advanced automatic framing technology which creates a picture-perfect shot every time the camera clicks.

There is an upgrade to the PTZ pro 2 offered by Logic rally but the two appeal extremely different use cases. It gives a sleek look with high-quality material. This is a feature which is designed specifically to increase more number of permanent installations.

logitech rally dubaiThis design is a step ahead with all its previous designs as it contains a remote control. It has been streamlined with a unique eight-way directional touchpad. There are a number of buttons like -to mute, to access the camera presets and to zoom it. It also has proactive technologies which help in automatically detect zoom. It also helps in lighting conditions and provides a perfect frame to ensure that your important meetings are perfectly in focus with perfect light. With Logitech rally, you will not be wasting your time fiddling with the camera settings.

The device is compatible with almost all the video conferencing applications making it the most efficient design; you can use it anywhere and with anyone. It is designed by having the user in mind providing features like clutter-free cabling and USB 3.0 Connection.  Its additional features include its privacy assurance and camera presets.

Logitech Group

Logitech Group is a video conferencing tool both amazing and affordable made for all sized conference rooms. It allows any place to be a collaboration space for any video. Its unique USB plug and play connectivity make Logitech worth its hype.

It works according to your own computing environment with almost any video conferencing application out there. It’s as simple as starting a computer, just connect a laptop and start your meeting. It provides HD video of high quality and audio being crystal clear allowing every meeting to be a collaboration space for a video. With its unique features like, noise reduction, acoustic echo and instinctive controls it is much more easier now to add a number of people in any conversation.

It is a simple to use technology. It is an affordable product owned by anyone to everyone. Its base system is specially designed for the meetings with maximum of 15 people. You can also add up to 20 people with an optional mics expansion. Its play connectivity, as well as a USB plug, help you to connect a laptop and simply start a meeting.

logitech group dubaiIt’s sounding audio delivers a sound that is crisp, clear and highly intelligible. Its echo cancellation and noise reduction feature makes conversations natural-sounding while reducing reverberation and ambient noise. It delivers high-quality HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second. It also provides options for mics as well as mounting. You can put the camera on your table, connect it with a tripod. You can also mount it on the wall with included hardware. Logitech Group is the most talked-about video conferencing tool in the market.

It is the perfect option for mid to large-sized video conferences. Everyone can be seen owing to a field of view that covers all 90 degrees. It is easy to frame and focus the lens on frequently used views. It is the best choice for group cameras for an official meeting.

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