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You often need to manage conference calls in view of your business needs and thus you would need an efficient telephone system as well. The best choice in this regard is Polycom Conference Phone Dubai provided by Datavox. The Polycom conference phones Dubai excel in providing superior voice quality, advanced audio processing and expansive microphone pickup. Productivity of a company is completely dependent upon the means of communication. If there are effective resources for communication then excelling in the business is not a problem. The Polycom telephone system is the best selection in this regard. Let us explore some Polycom telephone system varieties available with us. Contact us for Polycom Conference Phone Dubai and Conference phone installation anywhere in UAE.

Polycom Conference Phones Dubai

Types of Polycom conference phones

When you are opting for a telephone system installation, Dubai then makes sure that you explore the following Polycom conference phones.

Polycom IP7000 Conference Phone

Polycom IP7000 CONFERENCE PHONE DUBAIThe Polycom IP7000 is quite famous for delivering an exceptional performance. This phone system enjoys robust features. You need to start off by connecting two units for microphone pickup and increased loudness as well.

Polycom IP6000 Conference Phone

Polycom IP 6000 DubaiThis phone exceeds the previous generations when it comes to the performance. The distracting drop-outs can be avoided through Polycom IP6000 Conference Phone because it makes use of full duplex technology. This phone system works quite well in small and even medium sized conference rooms.

Polycom IP5000 Confere

Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 offers Polycom HD Voice technology, wide SIP interoperability, and a modern design – all at a reasonable cost. Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 increases efficiency and  switching regular conference calls into crystal-clear, interactive interactions that sound as natural to be there.

Sound Station 2 Conference Phone w/o Display

This phone system would be able to exceed your expectations because it is redefining voice quality. It makes use of full duplex technology and simultaneously supports two-way communication.

Sound Station 2 Conference Phone with Display and Sound Station 2 Conference Phone with Display( Expandable)

The Sound Station 2 Conference, Phone with Display and Sound Station 2 Conference Phone with Display ( Expandable), have similar features to Sound Station 2 Conference Phone w/o Display.

Polycom Mic Sound Station 2

You should try out Polycom Mic for Sound Station 2 for extended coverage. This mic would facilitate natural conferencing, and the voice quality is superb. When you would buy the accessory kit, you would be able to get optimal coverage with the extended microphones.

Sound Station IP 7000 Microphones

When you are having a conference in a larger conference room, then you need an increase pickup range. Well, Sound Station IP 7000 Microphones are perfect for the job. These microphones facilitate more users to communicate with ease during the conference.

Sound Station 2W Basic Wireless

When you are looking in for telephone system installation Dubai then, a worth considering option is Sound Station 2W Basic Wireless, This is wireless, portable phone for conference calls. It has got great features like Dynamic Noise Reduction and Polycom Acoustic Clarity. This way you can have an outstanding two-way conversation.

Opt for any of these conference phones to strengthen your business communication. You would see that you would be gradually taking your first step towards the growth of your organization. Getting adequate assistance from Vector Digitals would make a difference to your business so explore conference telephone system installation Dubai.


Polycom IP5000 Conference Phone
Polycom IP6000 Conference Phone
Polycom IP7000 Conference Phone
Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone
Polycom SoundStation2W Conference Phone
Polycom Sound Station DUO Conference Phone
Polycom Voice Station300 Conference Phone
Polycom VTX1000 Conference Phone