Cisco Phone System Dubai Bringing About a Revolution in Businesses

Cisco Telephone systems Dubai is quite an affordable option for the customers, and this is the reason that more and more people are becoming inclined to opt for it. The Cisco phone system would increase the productivity of your company and also improve the collaboration. The Cisco phone is most apt for small businesses. When you need to get hold of this phone system the company that should be your prime selection should be none other than Datavox Systems. This company has a name in the business and has the capability to give a great output so you can rely upon the company.

Why Cisco Telephone System Should Be Your Selection?

The Cisco Telephone system wipes off the aspect of complexity from communication. It has an easy to manage the network. Most small scale businesses cannot afford to invest a huge amount on phone systems.  Thus this where the role of Cisco phone comes in. They are designed to provide quality services at the best rates. This phone system provides more solutions to the customers.

Cisco Telephone Systems Dubai

Different Types of Cisco IP Phones

The following are the main Cisco IP Phone  provided by Datavox Systems.

  1. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G: This IP phones delivers the best advancements and latest technology. This phone system helps to bring applications to users and data without the PC. This phone system is of immense significance to major decision makers and executives. The Cisco phone has access to about eight It has a color touchscreen display and high-quality speakerphone. There is a built-in headset connection as well. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G helps to provide streamlined access to information.
  1. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7912G: This phone system is ideal to handle the communication needs of a person working in a cubicle who tend to experience low and medium levels of communications  A maximum of one directory number and two phone calls are supported by this phone system.
  1. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G: It is a full feature handset that gives about two programmable lines. Feature buttons are available as well having about four interactive soft keys for helping users through the various functions and the call features.
  1. Cisco Conference Phone Station 7936: It provides the best business functionality and surpasses all competitive offerings. It continues to deliver the best end to end true voice and data over IP solutions. Cisco Conference Phone Station 7936 are feature rich IP phones and are quite stylish.


Cisco Spa Phones

There is a huge variety in Cisco Spa Phone offered by Datavox Systems. The following list gives the details.

  1. Cisco SPA525G: It can be defined as a five-line phone that can easily operate in wireless or wired phone. This phone system uses the technology popularly known as voice over IP. Additional connectivity is provided through the Bluetooth headset. The staff has to plug the phones that have already been configured into the network, and that can easily activate the phone.
  1. Cisco SPA529: This phone system has exclusive features. It includes the call history directories, headset use, mute key, lights voicemail indicator, message waiting, volume control, paging, intercom, conferencing, call transfer, redial and speakerphone.
  1. Cisco SPA508: The employees can easily access corporate data using this phone. This phone can clearly be termed as a complete business class phone.
  1. Cisco SPA504: The prime objective of this phone system is to simplify and improve the communications across the entire company. This phone has sufficient features for the office workers, staff, and even the executives. Cisco SPA504 contributes to the productivity of your staff.
  1. Cisco SPA502: This phone system also provides reliable access to the voice. A Large number of configuration parameters are available with this phone, and it addresses the needs of a business user in the best possible way.
  1. Cisco SPA501: This phone system has a secure remote provisioning, and the installation is quite easy as well. It has enhanced speaker quality. The wireband audio ensures the voice clarity.
  1. Cisco SPA303: It can work in a seamless way with multiple lines whether on the site or off the site. This phone has a monochrome LCD and a two port switch. This contributes to the reliability and makes this phone system more affordable for a small business.
  1. CisoSPA301: This phone has a lot of exclusive features that include call waiting, music on hold, call pickup, call transfer, multi-party conferencing and line status indicator. The prime quality of Cisco SPA301 is that it is quite easy to use.
  1. Cisco SPA500S: It has simplified the process of call handling. The best part is that this phone can easily be integrated with the Cisco phone system. You would not have to go through the hassle of reconfiguration even if you move the phone to a new location in your office.
  1. Cisco SPA232D: It has a very reliable voice gateway that can be used to connect a fax machine or analog phone to voice over IP. This phone system is highly configurable. It is an ideal alternative for business and home environments.
  1. Cisco SPA302D: This phone system is designed to meet the needs of those businesses that are in need of cordless phone systems. The menu structure of this phone is quite easy to use. It can facilitate the user with a superb sound quality.


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