Yealink Phones Dubai: IP Phones and Conference Phone

We are offering you Yealink Phones Dubai of all ranges, from entry to high levels. Now you can power your business set up with crystal communication. Yealink products are reliable and qualitative. Moreover, they are quite affordable as well. Yealink phones , Yealink Audio  Conference and Yealink Video Conference System provide you with professional grade communication options with crisp voice & video quality featuring all essential and latest built-in features.

If you need a phone to receive calls at a low volume, the Yealink phones make an ideal option on behalf of their feature set, desk phone options, mount options and speakerphones. These phones are ideal for non-customer facing departments that have low call volume or someone who just needs one or two line phone. The network of these phones can be expansion over time with the expansion of business.


What Makes Yealink Better?

Following are a few reasons which make Yealink better than its competition, have a look at these:

  • The Yealink Phones are rich in feature while remaining budget-friendly
  • Desk Phones come with multiple configurations with dual Ethernet port switch
  • These phones are easy to setup and deploy
  • The Yealink phones come with mass deployment support and web interface
  • These phones also come with manual configuration and auto firmware update option

Yealink has an award winning a range of IP phones. This product embraces entry-level display, business class HD Color and even cutting edge touchscreen media phones. The Yealink product range also includes powerful TI chipsets with Power over Ethernet.


Quality Communication with Yealink Phones

Communication and Productivity are two characteristics which define Yealink’s product range. This product allows people to connection and co-operate without a hitch. Desktops and Mobile phones can be used to operate these products. Thanks to their reliability, these phones are used in public and private sectors for standard communication.

This company only delivers high-quality communications equipment. The Yealink Phones Dubai comes with independent control Triptel software and hardware.  The in-house development team supports its IP Partners with optimal interpretability and corresponding solutions. Apart from providing top notch products, this company also provides optical support service.



Yealink offers range of phones covering for all business environments, from enterprise IP phones that include Gigabit phones, Dect Phone ,Touch screen phones and entry level business phone. Choose Yealink phones in Dubai from Datavox and we can supply and install Yealink phones anywhere in UAE.

Yealink Conference Phone Dubai


Yealink IP Conference Phone in Dubai is designed for small and medium-sizedmeeting rooms.It is coming with unique design and offers advance features including HD voice quality, superb pickup efficiency,five-party conferences, joint calls, meeting recording and playback and more.

Yealink Video Conference Dubai UAE


Yealink Video Conference Solution in Dubai is suitable for use in any head office and branch office, and is also able to deliver video collaboration to executive desktop. Yealink Video Collaboration Solution users achieve efficient collaboration, faster decision-making and lower travel costs.

YEALINK – Leading Provider of Communication Solutions

Yealink is a global supplier of SIP phones offering a vast array of applications for both personal and business needs. Over the years, Yealink has established itself as one of the leading VoIP brands through its commitment and quality. The Yealink products give a real competition to Cisco and since it has established itself as one of the leading communication brands.

Yealink since it was established back in 2001, this company has focused on high-end VoIP products. These products can be easily installed and configured. Yealink delivers high performance and affordable products. These products are designed to exceed the expectation of their customers as they meet the requirements while providing them a satisfactory user experience.

Over the years, this company has worked with its ODM/OEM partners to provide its customers with cutting edge products. The Yealink Phones Dubai now accumulates the evolving needs of VoIP with its IP technology solutions.

To meet the requirements of its customers, Yealink Phones Dubai understands the importance of modifying their existing products or even redesign from the scratch. Thanks to its experience in this industry, the Yealink is well capable of providing customization solutions. Yealink helps its customer base by continuously monitoring and improving itself. Yealink has a reputation of meeting deadlines.

Yealink Phones Dubai now offers you a chance for success. It does so by providing you with your business needs. This company firmly believes its success relies on the success of its customers, and therefore it commits to providing them only with the best.

Apart from providing crystal clear communication, this company is known for its innovation. The Yealink products help to make sure your dispersed workforce and clearly understand you. This company makes sure you are easily connected with your associates no matter how far away you are from each other. With these phones, you can easily co-operate from Desktops, Conferences, mobile devices and much more. Today, some public and private sectors depend on Yealink for their communication needs and the solution it provides. Following are a few facts why Yealink proves to be prolific for your business.

  • Fast and hefty returns on your investment. Contact your associates instantly in a person to person approach no matter how far away you are from each other
  • Save your time and money by bringing the right people for solving your problems
  • Save your resources with Yealink’s affordable solutions.