Yeastar S-Series  IP PBX Systems

Though the business communication has progressed much, the phone systems (PBX) still remain as the backbone for many of the businesses. With the new developments and modernizations, however, it seems, now is the time to review your communication systems. Recent years have witnessed a dramatic changes over the communications technology. PBX systems, what was once thought as a communication solutions is now becoming outdated with the introduction of VOIP technology. The benefits for the business using the IP-PBX system is that they can reduce the long distance and international calls. As the VOIP gains momentum and continues to dominate the market, more and more business starts embracing the VOIP/IP-PBX system – since it extends the advantage of delivering voice over the data connection at affordable rates.

If it seems that your business need the VOIP/IP-PBX systems, then it is important to choose a suitable system from a leading brand.

IP PBX solution with Datavox Dubai

Datavox is the much-preferred communication provider in Dubai. Being an expert in the telecom domain, we take extreme care in bringing advanced systems to the multiple business communication needs in Dubai, UAE. Given the growing popularity of the system, most of the businesses are now implementing VOIP/IP-PBX solutions – as it offers the flexibility, reliability, integrity and cost-effectiveness as well.


Yeastar a leading manufacturer of the IP PBX systems has recently launched its entirely new S-series VOIP PBX systems for the small and medium businesses. This series of IP-PBX systems have been designed taking into account of the rising communication need of the business. Manufactured with the state of the art technology -suitable to all kinds of business -Yeastar S series is considered to be affordable and flexible systems. With the superb performance and stylish design, it surely has hit the market replacing the traditional PBX systems.

Some of the benefits of using the Yeastar S-series:

  • High performance: it has been manufactured with the industry leading components.
  • Easily upgradable: Easy to install incoming and out coming ports allows the flexibility to increase the number of users, simultaneous call capacity and the telephone connections.
  • Improved system security: The built-in firewall in all the S-series indicate that the system has been designed to provide the highest level of protection against the hackers, viruses, malwares, illicit login entries etc…

The other key features and benefits of the S-series system include:

  • Built-in call recording capacity
  • Includes the app such as auto provision, LDAP and so.
  • Upgraded firmware and software
  • Able to connect remote users promptly
  • Less power usage

The Yeastar S-Series comprises of 4 models:


 The Yeastar S20 stand-alone IP-PBX system delivers wide range of exceptional features. It can support 10 concurrent calls with up to 20 users.


 This advanced system is capable of supporting up to 50 users can handle 25 concurrent calls. It also supports PSTN, ISDN BRI and GSM connectivity.


it’s the most cost-effective communication systems which have the capability to support up to 100 users and 30 concurrent calls at the time.


This enterprise-class IP PBX system is designed to support 300 to 500 users. It is capable to supporting 24 analog ports, 24 BRI Ports and 6 GSM channels.

Yeastar Expansion Boards and Modules:

As the business expand you never know how many users will be added. In that case, you have to add those users to the PBX systems. Here the S-series makes the difference. The systems have been created by eyeing the future. The systems allows the future scalability and let you decide what kind of extensions and physical trunk you require in your IP-PBX. With the available S-series, all the interfaces could be customized to add more users and concurrent calls.

Yeastar also come with the expansion boards and it includes EX08 and EX30. The EX08 has 4 onboard module slots and 8 interfaces on the panel. The models S100 and S300 supports this expansion board.

With The Yeastar S-Series you really are reaping advantages

In a city like Dubai, deploying cutting-edge communication solutions is a must for your business. We at Datavox always take care about implementing advanced technology to the business. So that we bring the best IP PBX systems with Yeastar S-Series in Dubai, UAE. Blessed with years of an impeccable solution in the vertical of telecommunication, we are second to none in Dubai. We have our service available in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well.

Whether for a reconstruction or installing a new communication system in your organization, we have the perfect solution for all your communication need. With the cutting edge technology, the sophisticated solutions we offer is much accepted by the industries across UAE. From planning to implementation, the responsibility to build a faultless system is contained with us. With a transparent and smooth approach, we extremely understand your business need in detail and decide upon a strategic plan to deliver an ultimate and fine solution for you.