Grandstream Dubai: Company Overview with History and Product Range  

Grandstream Dubai is the award winning designer that hold the ISO 9001 certificate for the manufacture of next generation communication products. This company has established itself for its superb quality with luxurious features. Also of its Excellency, Grandstream is in full compliance with the ongoing standards of the industry. Providing the world with an outstanding range of SIP based VoIP products, the Grandstream has made a name for itself in the VoIP industry. The Sole credit of its success goes to the cunning innovation and superior quality of its products.

Being fresh in the marking, Grandstream rose by quickly grabbing the market while it enjoys two digits year after year for its compound annual growth rate. With time, Grandstream expanded its portfolio of qualitative products as it integrated IP voice and video products for its top tier prospects. Also, this company also established its bases with proper distribution channels around the globe.

Grandstream Dubai Grandstream Dubai

What makes it Different?

This Company is privately held, and it has a workforce of 400 employees. It enjoys a profit of healthy two digital annual growth since the last ten years. For it to become one of the top communication suppliers, this company provided top notch IP Voice and video communication with surveillance solutions for business of all sites. Following are a few attributes of Grandstream Company Product Portfolio with its Competitive Benefits:



  • Unrivaled Leadership for Price to Performance Ratio
  • Zero Configuration for Plug and Play Tech
  • Broad Interoperability with Third Part SIP products
  • Voice and Video Algorithms for Seamless Communication
  • Comprehensive Portfolio of IP Voice and Video Communication Solutions


  • SIP Phones for Enterprise, small business setup and Residential purposes
  • IP Video and Multimedia Solutions
  • DECT Cordless IP Products
  • IP PBX Applications
  • Analog Adaptors
  • Integrated Access Device
  • Enterprise Analog Gateways
  • Video Management Software

Grandstream IP PBX Models.


Grandstream Dubai designs and sells IP telephony products to SMB and the consumer market. This company offers a broad range of quality Voice Over products that introduce the Enterprise Analog Gateways, Consumer Analog telephone adaptors and much more.

The Video Telephony product range of this company includes IP video Surveillance with cameras, encoders, and decoders. Also, this company also provides with accessories such as wireless adapters and expansion modules. This company is known to sell it provides through the resellers and its distributors.  Apart from all this, Grandstream network is also known for its Touch Screen IP multimedia phones, Video phones with IP PBX solutions. This company is headquartered in Brookline Massachusetts while it also operates is offices in California, Dallas, Texas, and Shenzhen.


Range of Gigabit IP Phones

Recently, The Grandstream Dubai introduces its new Gigabit IP Phone named as the GXP HD 1628. This phone features two lines with two different SIP accounts. Also, it also allows dual gigabit network ports with an integrated PoE and eight programmable Speed Dial and Busy. Not to mention, this phone also features lamp field buttons. The interesting thing about this new phone is it lets the user enjoy network speed of a desktop PC including its visual presence and line status combined with multiple extensions. The HD 1628 also features a one button call option for your convenience.

Speaking about Grandstream Phones, it is worthy to mention that every phone comes with XML language support and users can program up to 3 keys. These phone support 20 different languages. However, a few particular model features Backlit LCD and three-way conference option. Back to other products, they come with Duplex speakerphone that allows for acoustic echo termination. Last but not least, all models come with dedicated buttons that allow for intercom and paging. These phones can store up to 500 contacts with 200 records of the call history.

Grandstream IP Phone

Expansion with SMB Models

Just like extending its IP phone range, the Grandstream Dubai also welcome a new SMB model with the addition of its GCP16xx series. This series feature single and two line IP phones which are suitable for Small to Medium businesses (better known as SMB). All the SMB models featured from Grandstream are designed with modern hardware design to improve the audio quality.  This feature allows for better telephony experience. Thanks to the broad range of IP telephony platforms included Meta-switch, Elastix, and Broadsoft.

The new GXP product range comes with zero configuration to allow for secure provisioning. Other features of this new series include Plug and Play with Touch Recording. The Grandstream Dubai SMB products high-end models come with intercom paging dedicated buttons. These devices support call recording along with personalized ringtone and back tone.  Just like the IP Phone series, these devices can store up to 500 contacts with the addition of 200 entries in the call log.

Infrared Cameras

The Indoor Infrared Range from Grandstream features added functionality to provide a robust indoor camera system that helps monitoring in all most any light settings. These settings even include the no light and low light. These cameras come with an integrated microphone and speaker that makes them ideal for proximity wide angle monitoring of both home and commercial buildings. The Grandstream With auto-discovery feature and Dome wide angle 2.8 mm lens are compatible with these cameras. With a staggering H 264 streaming rate, these cameras are compliant with ONVIF while they integrated Poe.

Also of all these, the Grandstream cameras come with SD interface that allows local recording and Infrared Capability. These devices support the SIP and VoIP standard for two-way audio and one-way streaming along with advanced notification feature. Thanks to their high performance and reliability, these cameras proves to be the best in the market.


Founded back in 2002, Grandstream Dubai has become the leader of IP voice and video products in such short time. Moreover, this company is now serving the small business to the large enterprise in the consumer market.  Grandstream made a bold entrance back at the time of its introduction with affordable, secure communication options. With its broad range of reliable communication products and solutions. The open standard SIP products of Grandstream offer unrivaled features with full interoperability.


Grandstream Dubai

Grandstream Telephone System

In the present increasing cost-conscious economy, SMBs are trying to find feature-rich IP-PBXs at the cheapest cost. Many SMBs are likely to sacrifice some advanced telephony features to simply get the basics, including call transfer, three-way conferencing, auto-attendant, and voicemail. Advanced features for example call queues or phone call recording are nice features to own, but many SMBs aren’t able to pay for higher-end IP-PBXs with this functionality. Fortunately, Grandstream pbx systems products not just have the “basics”, they have  advanced functionality which include call queues , Voice Mail, Voice Mail to email , Mobile Client , SIP Trunk , IVR , Call Detail Records and fax functionalities.

There is a large selection of feature rich Grandstream IP Phones available to select. Along with Grandsream phone Grandstream PBX support Polycom phones . Dlink Phones , Yealink Phones , Fanvil phones , Panasonic UT Series sip phones and RTX Dect Phones. Gransream PBX allow you to choose from lot of phone models.

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