Lecture Tracking Camera Dubai

With numerous advancements in the technology sector today, schools and learning institutions have embraced modern ways of learning such as Learning Management Systems(LMS) to enhance student learning opportunities by providing additional online resources. Learning Management Systems make it easier for teachers and trainers to make clear presentations of PowerPoint files, PDF documents, and other additional learning tools. It also enables learners to carry out studies from remote locations, meaning that they do not have to be physically present in one room with the teacher. For many MBA students who have full – time jobs and may not find time to attend classes in person, Learning Management Systems is the perfect and ultimate solution to attend classes without quitting their jobs.

Lecture Tracking Camera Dubai

Lecture Tracking Camera Dubai

The Lecture Tracking Camera is a suite of technology that allows institutions to record classroom or lecture hall presentations and post-digital versions online available for either live streaming or download the videos for later use of learning.

The Lecture Tracking Camera has made a number of technological advancements, thus eliminating the need to hire students to operate cameras that record lectures to be posted later into Learning Management Systems. Even with little or no technical skills, you can easily set up the  Lecture Tracking Camera which provides an automated, non – invasive way to record or live stream a teacher or professor while they carry out their teaching activities.


Simply position your Lecture Tracking Camera well so as to capture the instructor while carrying out their presentations. The teacher then uploads their notes together with the video/audio presentations to a Learning Management System where students from different locations can easily access them. A Lecture Tracking Camera is mostly used in Higher Learning Institutions where the teachers capture their lessons via video so that students can follow along live or watch the lectures using a Learning Management System.

Once a Lecture Tracking Camera has been set, it can automatically work at any time and day, full – time when a professor is ready to start off their teaching activity. The Lecture Tracking Camera and microphones in the room simply capture record and record every sound and movement when the professor is teaching, resulting in crystal clear videos and audio without any distractions. This, therefore, enhances students’ learning experience.

Classroom Video Conferencing Camera

Classroom Video Conferencing Camera




The Lecture Tracking Camera requires no technical expertise in order to install and get it running, thus saving you from incurring extra costs and delays. Hiring an extra person to record lectures whenever a professor is teaching may be quite expensive for many institutions. The Lecture Tracking Camera therefore solves this problem as it works alone automatically without any  added manpower.



Advanced ways of teaching such as e – Learning are very appealing to the modern student, contrary to the old ways of teaching. Sitting physically in a class and listening to a lecture for hours may seem a little bit boring to students as compared to using platforms such as Zoom video conferencing where the student can follow live teachings of a professor from any remote location.


The numerously high availability of schools lately can be attributed to high turnout of learners. To reach every learner, most institutions may have to resort to using online video classes, therefore no learner does not have to miss out on classes. This method allows institutions to expand their reach and catch the attention of many learners from all over the world.


The Lecture Tracking Camera is a modest gadget that has been keenly engineered to aid teachers in recording their presentations and lectures so that students can follow keenly from a Learning Management System or platform such as Zoom Video Conferencing or Adobe Connect. It on boards a number of advanced features that enable it to deliver amazing videos and audios of high quality, few of which are mentioned below :


Advanced tracking algorithms : The Lecture Tracking Camera incorporates the use of advanced human detection artificial intelligence, locking and tracking image processing, and analysis to ensure quick , steady and accurate capture of the professor’s movements and voice. This results in high quality videos and audios with no motion blurs, thus delivering an ample learning experience to students.

Strong, anti – interference ability: Once the Tracking target is locked, the tracking camera is not affected by the disturbances of other moving objects and projectors.


Video Image Auto Adaptation : The Lecture Tracking Camera will automatically zoom and the video image will always maintain the appropriate size and proportion based on the distance of the Tracking target from the camera.

IP Capability : the Lecture Tracking Camera supports IP controls. Free configuration software is provided together with device.


Strong environmental adaptability:The tracking performance of the Lecture Tracking Camera is not affected by the classroom’s size, shape and seating arrangement.

Smooth tracking:The sensitivity of action can be adjusted. Tracking target’s small movement or gestures will not cause the camera to stop working appropriately.


Ability to output switched video : Camera has built-in switching rule that can automatically switch its tracking and wide angle camera image based on lecturer’s moving in/out of lecturing area, the switched video is displayed through one video channel.

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