Avaya Phones Dubai Leading Communication Business from Day One

Avaya, known as a leader in the communications industry, this company is known for its unique operations and business strategies. Avaya is an independent company that focuses on its innovation for better communication. Continuing its tradition of excellence, Avaya Phones Dubai introduces the top of the line products. Below we are going to take a look at them.

Avaya Desktop Phones

Help yourself, your users, and your executives by staying connected to them. The Avaya Desktop Phones provides you ultimate convenience for remaining accessible and productive as they cast broad arrays of reliable products.

  • Avaya J100 Series Desk Phones

Avaya offers SIP-based office phones that offer all your essential call-handling features in a cost-effective, affordable, yet highly functional way. Avaya J100 series phones are designed to give your employees easy access to the Unified communication platform. It also gives a full suite of features, numerous personalization, and uncompromising audio quality.

  • 1600 IP Series

Made with Aura and IP Office Platform, these are perfect for businesses in need of essential communications. The 1600 series Avaya Phones Dubai is ideal for branch offices call center agents as well as primary locations. 1600 IP Series has all the necessary functionalities your employees need.

  • TSG Certified Secure IP Phones

Something for Federal Government use, the TSG Certified Secure IP Phones are designed while keeping the needs of Government officials in mind. These phones are innovative and efficient as they effortlessly bring the phone security with complete communicational functions to desktop phones. These phones are compatible with Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities so the user won`t need any external devices.

  • 1200 IP Series

These come with multiple soft-keys along with integrated speakerphones. Advanced audio technology in the 1200 series helps to provide crystal clear voice and headset support. These phones come with an integrated Ethernet switch that allows single drop desktop wiring. Moreover, the 1200 series Avaya phones are made to serve a variety of business thanks to their customizable options.

  • 3900 IP Series

Avaya 3900 digital phones are available in five different models with lots of accessories.  These phones come with easy to use interface while featuring self-labeling keys, easy administration and even call logging.

  • 7000 IP Series

The 7000 Series is designed for small business as these feature affordability while providing qualitative performance. These IP providers are stylish, and they come with a vast number of user-friendly features to suit your business needs.

  • 9400 IP Series

The best way to keep your workers on track, the Avaya Phones Dubai 9400 series come with an intelligently designed interface with superior voice quality. Along with these cutting edge features, these phones are comfortable to use during the delivery you a full suite of communication.

  • 9600 IP Series

The Flagship of Avaya at this moment, the 9600 Series provides excellent audio quality with low power consumption. These phones come with a vast array of customization options. 9600 Series delivers high performance while featuring sensitive graphical context and touch screen. These provide incredible call control options to improve your telephonic experience.

  • E100 SIP Series

Smooth Collaboration and communication, these two characteristics made the E100 SIP Series! Best suited for mobile and remote workers, the E100 series uses standards based on the SIP for convenient call management features.

Avaya Conference Phones

Manage your conference calls easier than ever, the Avaya Phones Dubai provides you with a distinctive range of products for enhancing features. The Conference phones from Avaya are available in a vast array of models and prices. These types are offering cutting edge technology while they remain sophisticated. With Omni, Sound technology has been installed in Avaya conference phones. This feature makes them ideal for group conversations and conference calls.

  • B100 Series

The B100 Series Conference Phones are best for small businesses to large companies. These phones offer easy to use communication options and unmatched sophistication. The Patented OmniSound technology makes sure you get clear transmission and not miss any part of your conversation. Just Plug and Play to connect with the conference.

These phones can connect with both Ethernet cables and phone links. Moreover, these are flexible and even provide you with web and video conferencing. To meet the needs of your business, go through our vast range of conference phones and choose for yourself.

Avaya Wireless Phones

These phones bring the power of IP communication in Wireless LAN. The Wireless Phones consist of both IP and DECT models. These models are specially designed according to the needs of the user and their respective work environment.

The Wireless connections incorporate features such as the directory access and conference to help them be productive. Apart from convenient features, the Avaya Phones Dubai provides with exceptional voice quality for clear and efficient communication.

  • 3700 DECT Handsets

These deliver high-quality wireless communication while allowing you to roam free around your campus. These phones provide all the features of standard DECT which includes high security. The Avaya Phones Dubai features low power consumption with protection against eavesdropping and network access. These wireless phones support the sensitive of wireless communication as they remain unaffected by radio traffic and Wireless LAN.

  • IP Wireless Phones

The Avaya Wireless phones integrate this company’s services that include the Aura Platform and communication manager. The IP Wireless Series phones fulfill a broad range of their user’s needs. The Avaya wireless phones incorporate features such as conference and corporate directories to help you stay productive. Feel free to use them throughout the building as you won`t find any issues with their voice quality.

About Avaya

Avaya has established itself as an innovative provider of telecommunication solution and products. Collaborations, customer experience management, contact center, and networking are the services that define this company. Avaya serves the business of all sizes from small set-ups to large enterprises. The engagement solutions provided by this company brings people closer to the right context.

  • History

This company was formerly a part of Lucent Technologies and AT&T before this. In 2000, Lucent Technologies went to liquidate this business, and this became the step of Avaya. After its spin-off, this company emerged with its trading mark, and it stands as a forefront to innovation in telecommunication today.

  • Ambitions

With its qualitative products, Avaya Phones Dubai improves the engagement between people such as teams, employees, managers, and executives. Avaya helps to address significant business challenges. Their products are reliable, scalable and also secure to being affordable.  Moreover, these products are available in a vast variety of three categories. These categories are Team Engagement Solutions, Customer Engagement solutions, and Fabric Networking.