Avaya distributors in UAE

As a leading Avaya distributor in UAE, we have the solutions that is perfect for your business communication. Avaya pbx systems and Avaya Phones provide perfect communication set up for an office. Avaya is a world leader in office communication products. As a Avaya Distributor in Dubai we offer competitive pricing and professional telephone system installation service across UAE.

In the technologically advanced world, have you prepared your business for the expansion in the communication infrastructure? Have you considered options to upgrade your present telephone system with the advanced one?

If the answer is no to the above questions then you have a good option to refine the communication setup with the leading Avaya telephone systems. Avaya IP based solutions appear to be beneficial in improving the customer engagement, enhance client-company interactions, enhance productivity and reduce the communication expenses. Once you have outlined your requirements in advance for your business in UAE, next step is to determine the Avaya distributor in UAE to get the system done.

Unified communications has taken the center stage now. It effortlessly connects everyone in the office and to your clients, partners, branch offices, vendors etc…Avaya IP telephony systems makes it easier for the business to feel the rapid productivity and profitability.

Avaya AbuDhabi Avaya distributors in UAEWhat solutions are Avaya providing?

Avaya is a technology company concentrated in internet telephony solutions and wireless data communications. Avaya introduce complete intelligent solutions through its video conferencing systems and IP PBX systems. As a leading Avaya distributor in UAE, we have the solutions that is perfect for your business.

By pushing the business in a great way, Avaya Telephone systems provide perfect communication set up within the organization. Considering the benefits it is worth investing in the Avaya pbx.

Avaya IP office platform

Avaya has the portfolio of wide range of business IP phones and conferencing systems that has been designed for your business. With the IP based systems the office can ensure the privacy in the office communications. Since staff members are provided with a single number, doesn’t matter where they are, customers can reach them easily. The range of systems include the business phones and communication systems including the conference phones, desktop phones and the wireless phones. With the Avaya telephone system you can improvise the operations and transform the way you communicates.

Here are some of the points to consider

  • Regardless of the locations, applications or devices, the users could have the facilities including the calls, unified communications, messaging, conferencing as well as other functionalities in a single Avaya IP telephone system.
  • The solution from Avaya is less expensive and could be increased as the business develops. The Avaya IP office offers the solution to expand the number of users to 3000 in a single site or up to 150 sites.
  • Reduce the IT overhead that easily rolls by even distribution of the applications to the staffs.

The Avaya telephone system is function built system that has the potential to change your business with a complete integrated solution – for example; the mobility, collaboration, voice and video all from a single system. Now make it possible for open trade irrespective of price, device, time, device or application. Using these facilities, employees can interact and indulge freely thus creating opportunities and value.

Build a powerful unified communication with a reliable “IP Office 500”

The IP Office 500 PBX systems provide you with brilliant communication services. While using this communication server, your business can get the extensive benefits of a built-in network, advanced applications and many call processing and telephony features. The ip office platform provides unparalleled customer support with contact center solutions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR’s) and good quality messaging and conferencing facilities. This telephone system is ideal for the growing business . It has been designed with no single point of failure and possesses the geographic redundancy, branch survivability and campus redundancy.

Delivers greater user engagement irrespective of the device, size and application.

It is very important to build a worthwhile relation among the clients, vendors, investors and other groups in the present day business. Recognizing a change over in line with the modern communication tools would definitely be a good start to build a responsible and powerful business relationship with your customers. Avaya office telephone system will allow for a more flexible and delicate mode of communication for the clients.

If you are in a drive to boost your communication needs or to develop a new infrastructure in UAE, it is sensible to count on an Avaya distributor in UAE for the Avaya IP telephone systems and solutions. We can assist you to design and deploy the systems for you. Though lot more other solutions are available, Avaya continues to be the leader in IP telephony and wireless solutions throughout the world. In all ways, Avaya installation is the perfect solution for you.