Grandstream UCM6102 Dubai Entry level IP PBX

The Grandstream UCM6102 Dubai is a very comprehensive VoIP telephone system which is user friendly and competitively priced. The Grandstream UCM6102 gives you complete control over your VoIP telephony system and offersusers and 60 simultaneous calls. Grandstream UCM6102 is a   very comprehensive voice over IP PBX has all the important features onboard that you can expect from an IP PBX. It is possible to create up to 500 users with 50 SIP registration and 60 simultaneous calls.There are very many extra features such as call recording, voicemail functionality and a menu (IVR) feature. The Grandstream UCM6102 has a very user-friendly configuration interface which is using the web browser to configure.

GRANDSTREAM UCM6102 PBX DUBAI Grandstream UCM6102 Dubai

Features Grandstream UCM6102

The Grandstream UCM6102 Dubai having 2 FXO Ports allow you to connect a traditional analog line from service provider. The two FXS ports allow you to connect a traditional analog phone or fax.The LAN and WAN connectivity with Gigabit Ethernet makes your IP Telephone system connect to the network with highest speed. Therefore Grandstream UCM6102 Dubai is a perfect combination to use with Gigabyte connectivity phones. UCM6102 IP PBX Coming with  Voicemail  and it can set based on time schedule.The inbuilt call recording function allow the businesses to record the internal and external calls as desired.The inbuilt 4 GB flash memory can be expand  expand  via an SD card or a USB drive.

The Grandstream UCM6102 Dubai gives you the opportunity to deploy their own interactive voice response (IVR) system.This menu allows you to wish decorate with your own audio files or you can use the standard audio prompt that are available in several languages. In addition to the IVR system, you can also put your own music on hold. The Grandstream UCM6102 is also the ability to transfer both voice messages and faxes to allow direct e-mail. So you always have access to fax, voice mail and you do not get to remain near your telephone or fax.

UCM6102 – Specification

  • Up to 500 users
  • 30 concurrent calls
  • Space for 50 trunks
  • 2 x FXS for analog phones or fax
  • 2 x FXO analog phone line
  • 4 GB of onboard flash memory
  • USB and SD card memory expansion
  • Voicemail, call recording, digital fax
  • Personalised music on hold
  • IVR menus in different languages
  • Voicemail to email and fax to email
  • 3 conference groups of up to 25 users