Grandstream UCM6108 IP PBX Dubai

Grandstream UCM6108 IP PBX  telephone system is a fully featured, easy to handle, designed to bring all the features of small- and medium-sized (SMEs), without paying licensing costs by function, or any other recurring cost. It is a advanced hardware platform  based asterisk telephone system. The Grandstream UCM6108 Dubai offers a highly versatile key in hand solution convergence voice, video, data and mobility , including fax and video surveillance functionalities. The UCM6108 provides a quick and easy setup via the web user interface. It features automatic detection of IP terminals and automatic provisioning of phones  with  “Zero Configuration” technology.

GRANDSTREAM UCM6108 PBX DUBAI Grandstream UCM6108 Dubai

Grandstream UCM6108 Features

The Grandstream UCM6108 IP PBX offer an 8-port FXO for PSTN lines and 2 FXS ports for backup analog phones. Grandstream UCM6108 offer call recording and it automatically detects every conversation on the telephone and records all inbound and outbound calls. Monitor the conversation for several purposes necessary for your organization and relish the advantage of inquiring, replaying and managing all call recordings.

Grandstream UCM6108 Dubai support IVR [Interactive Voice Response] that prompts callers with recorded messages and allow the caller  to select  from these menus. The IVR function responds to this input by giving appropriate information by means of voice answer or gives a link to a “live” operator. Additionally UCM6108 supports Voice mail, Voice mail to email , and Mobile App for mobility.

UCM6108 – Specification

  • Up to 500 users
  • 60 concurrent calls
  • Space for 50 trunks
  • 2 x FXS for analog phones or fax
  • 8 x FXO analog phone line
  • USB and SD card memory expansion
  • Voicemail, call recording, digital fax
  • Personalised music on hold
  • IVR menus in different languages
  • Voicemail to email and fax to email
  • 6 conference groups of up to 32 users