Improve Your Communications with Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai

The UCM 6510 from Grandstream is a powerfull telephone system and it deliver state of the art unified communication and security protection for small medium size businesses, enterprises, retail and large residential complexes. Building on highly stable platform Grandstream  UCM6510 is designed for E1, T1 or J1 Telephone Lines. UCM6510 offer Video, Data  and mobility features and packages them in a IP PBX System designed to handle larger capacity of user [ 2000 ] and concurrent calls[ 200]. UCM 6510 saves businesses 1000 of dollars by not requiring any licensing fees, cost per user, cost per feature  and upgrade.The Grandstream UCM 6510 Dubai includes Zero configuration provisioning allow installers configure and large amount of phones in just a matter of minutes. The UCM6510 includes security protection and encryption to avoid any outside threats.If you are looking for easy to install and easy to mange IP PBX with industry leading unified communication  features , then Grandstream UCM6510 is the answer for you.

GRANDSTREAM UCM6510 PBX DUBAI Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai

Why choose Grandstream UCM6510 ?

This IP PBX appliance of Grandstream is special for its unique features because the 1GHz quad-core Cortex A9 application processor and large memory are making it as an ideal for you. The multi-core DSP assortment supports advanced voice processing. There is a built-in T1/E1/J1 interface, 2 PSTN trunk FXO ports, and 2 analog FXS ports help you to use this device with in the absence of power. Hardware of Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai is based on the 128ms-tail-length carrier-grade LEC (line echo cancelation). The hardware base of this device is good for all countries with mechanical impedance. The device has Gigabit network ports, built-in PoE, USB, D card and NAT router with advanced QoS support.

Specifications of Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai

  • 2 FXS ports and 2 FXO ports with lifeline capacity of the power outage
  • The Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai has a single T1/E1/J1 port
  • It can handle various SIP Accounts
  • You can mount it on the wall or keep it on the table as per your convenience
  • Call center features are available for your assistance
  • You can get the benefits of almost 2,000 registered SIP endpoints and 200 synchronized calls
  • Automatic detection of end points
  • Outmoded power supply for uninterrupted use

Who can use Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai?

The Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai is equally good for small and medium business with its excellent features and advanced call facilities. It is easy to manage and perfect to use in the retail environments. It offers all in one solution to a business organization for video, data, fax, voice coverage, security observation, and easy mobility without an extra fee and license. It supports some languages, such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, etc. It is available at a low price; therefore, don’t worry about your budget while purchasing it.

Call Center Facilities

It offers all call center features like automatic call distribution, the configuration of call queues, management of workload, in-queue announcements, etc. The Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai offers almost 5 layers of IVR (Interactive Voice Response). You can get the benefits of almost 2000 registered SIP endpoints and 200 concurrent calls. The 8 conference bridges enable you to stimulate the conference with 64 attendees.

The Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai can be integrated with free mobile app, grand stream wave, access to SIP accounts with the help of Android devices and Wi-Fi or data cellular network of any country in the world. Its hardware base is good to use in various countries. The 1GHz quad-core application processor enables you to process everything at a fast pace. The network interface has dual Gigabit ports with PoE and a 3rd Gigabit port for standby clustering.

The Grandstream UCM6510 Dubai has 128 x 32 dot matrix LCD with an Okay and down button. Plug and play provisioning is possible with the help of TFTP/HTTP/HTTPs. You can use it for your business, regardless of its size because it has some useful features for the progress of your business.