Polycom CX100 Dubai Amazing Combination of Speaker and Mic

Polycom CX100 has high Definition voice quality with high-technology features. This is the best solution for those who are looking best speakerphone for their video or conference calling. It’s an amazing combination of speaker and mic that optimized in Microsoft Lync environment. If you have room for conference calling and you want to some sound system that covers all room, then Polycom CX100 is an ideal deal for you.

This speakerphone gives remarkable voice quality with broad communication range. You don’t need to pick up the phone of wear headphone while Skype or other calling system, this is a complete hands-free system that enable with both audio and video calling system. It also allows users who want to do some private conversation with someone, they can enjoy the stereo plug-in facility. These are other wonderful features of Polycom CX100 mentioned below:


Great Conversation Experience with Polycom CX100 Dubai

It allows to their users to unite themselves in one call. You just need to plug-in with friends or family. All participants can easily hear speakers voice and give an answer in a normal voice. This is the best tool for group conversation indeed. It gives better mobility as compared to any other headset or handset. You don’t need to sit down on a chair and do conversation; you can enjoy your conference call either you’re on the bed or doing any work without ear buds.

Improved Sound Quality:

It works with Microsoft Lync Server 2007 and more. It has two high-quality microphones that work with HD audio technology. The sound of Polycom CX100 is covering all conference room even in a large area easily that means all participants can easily hear the voice clearly. You also don’t need to set-up PC to give an answer to your call.

Control over Calls:

You don’t need to set-up desktop for an answer and make changing to your call. There are mute, and volumes keys are providing in CX100, which allows you to adjust volume ups and downs and also press mute keys, whenever you want. You can control over your calls easily with the help of CX100.

Easy to Install:

Like any other model of Polycom, Polycom CX100 also has easy to install the system. Its usage and set-up system is free from complication. Anyone can easily use it everywhere.

Enjoy Portability:

Polycom CX100 Dubai is much portable and flexible device that you can set-up anywhere you want. You can easily carry Polycom CX100 to your trips, business meetings and even you can install this system in your car. USB data cable is giving you which stores inside the unit. With the great convenience, it’s truly portable device, especially when you need to travel frequently for business development purpose.

Worth of Money:

After buying this speaker phone, you’ll find the real value of your money as the result of Polycom CX100. This has the best quality; you don’t need to hold a phone or wear headphones during calls. It means you can easily do your work during the call that also save your time. This device doesn’t allow any distraction during your call. These all benefits become the complete value of your money.

Technical Specification:

It’s optimized for Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013 system. You’ll find two high-quality microphones inbox. It provides USB port to attach USB cable or drive. For private conversation, it provides built-in stereo headphone port.