Polycom CX3000 Dubai -The Best Lync Conference Phones

Polycom CX3000 is amazing IP conference telephone for Microsoft Lync. This phone is an ideal way to deliver conference calls network environment. Users will get crystal-clear voice technology with HD Polycom voice technology. It has native Lync user interface that provides high-quality integration. In this product, Microsoft unified with Polycom to make CX3000 in Microsoft Lync environment. It creates high-quality infrastructure range that enables broad-scale video deployment around the user not only in the conference room but also across user’s industry or organization.

It provides microphone with the 12-foot pickup range. It’s desktop collaboration and configuration experience is simply awesome. Users can easily set up it on their desktop or tabletop.


Polycom CX3000 Dubai Features:

This IP conference phone has amazing features which optimized Microsoft Lync server 2010 or 2013.

  • It provides microphone that facilitates to users 12-foot picking range. That’s mean any participant can hear a clear voice in the 12-foot
  • It provides 3.5 colored large display where all users can easily access information about call or callers.
  • It provides their users HD voice technology that allows users to listen to the voice without any distraction.
  • It can be connected to any Personal Computer through USB.
  • Native Microsoft Lync users’ integration that provides great users experience.
  • It’s ideal device to connect in public areas.
  • It provides caller ID individually. It can easily set-up for using it.

Pros and Cons of Polycom CX3000 Dubai:

Its manufacturers put their great effort to give their users the best version that solve all need of conference call. So if you’re a wonder to know that why this product is so famous, and why should I buy this product? You should check out the pros and cons of Polycom CX 3000 than you’ll find that either this product is right choice for you or not:


  • Its sign-in and set-up features are very easy to understand.
  • Each caller can create their caller ID to view personalized content.
  • Voice has a natural flow that every participant can easily hear.
  • High Definition audio quality.
  • Every caller can access the information about call includes caller ID, address, call duration,


Every product always has pros and cons both. But we unable to find a bad thing about this product because of great reviews of users.

CX3000 Customer Reviews:

Polycom CX3000 got marvelous reviews from customers. More than half users of CX3000 give it 5 out of 5 stars. No one gives this product to less than three stars which such a great thing. It has crystal clear voice quality with PC attachment. Some person complaints about its complication setup and some of them consider it best, but they consider it expensive.

But think for a while, if you have the IP conference phone with Microsoft Lync environment and great features. Then it will be never much expensive to pay some money for it. For those person who complain about the set-up complication. It’s much easy to set-up, you just need to follow the instruction of video CD that give in the box.