Polycom Soundstation 2w Dubai Long Lasting Features

The introduction of first Polycom SoundStation in the year 1992 completely revolutionize the telecommunication game. The Polycom SoundStation 2w is a cordless phone that provides the best sound quality and crystal clear voice experience in both incoming and outgoing calls to its users. This phone is designed for conference calls and gives the complete freedom to conference with its cordless feature. SoundStation 2w sets the new standard for conference calling that completely meets the need for impressive voice quality and flexible voice usage.

Polycom SoundStation 2w gives a secure wireless technology. For security, it features voice encryption service along with aux out record feature that activates via console keypad. With these many amazing features of Polycom SoundStation 2w Dubai, users do not have to worry about the battery life of the phone, as soundstation 2w features a long lasting battery time and gives talk time of about 12 hours long.

The wireless technology of soundstation 2w is so advanced that user can talk up to 45 meters from the base station; this feature makes SoundStation 2w completely portable. Users can also connect their mobile phones to soundstation 2w and dial through it to experience true wireless call experience. Its powerful microphone enables the users to enjoy a 360 degree pick up range up to 4 meter.

Polycom Sound Station 2W Dubai

Polycom Soundstation 2w Dubai Easy Installation Process

Polycom SoundStation 2w is easy to install and is totally user-friendly. Users can install Polycom soundstation 2w without having any technological knowledge. The Polycom SoundStation 2w comes with user manual and set up guide, which makes it easy to install and use. The software of the phone can also be upgraded through the USB port. Users can set up their Polycom SoundStation 2w with any analog phone line, just like other Polycom conference phones. Another amazing feature that makes Polycom SoundStation 2w portable is its weight. Polycom SoundStation 2w Dubai weights as less as 0.85 kg, which makes it easy to carry.

Polycom Soundstation 2w Dubai Multiple Caller IDS

Polycom SoundStation 2w also supports multiple caller ID standards and speed dials up to twenty-five recipients. Users can also select and set their own favorite ringtones. The application portal makes this device more impressive and advanced. The audio features of Polycom SoundStation 2w are dynamic. Its advanced microphone delivers excellent voice quality and reduces the background noise, highlighting only the speakers voice. The loudspeaker gives the frequency response of 300 to 3000 HZ.

Polycom SoundStation 2w comes with compact base station, rechargeable battery pack, easy to carry console charger, Tabletop phone console, integrated phone display, mobile and computer connecting cables, quick installation user guide, and one year warranty.

To conclude, Polycom SoundStation 2w is an amazing upgrade of conference calling phones. This device is loaded with amazing technology and features that make it ideal for conference calls. It is portable, reliable and easy to use. If you do daily conference calls, then Polycom Soundstation 2w is the best pick for you. This easy to use phone gives an excellent and natural call experience. Along with its beautifully designed console, Polycom SoundStation 2w provides a true experience of conference calls in everyday work.