Polycom Soundstation2 Dubai -Perfect for Conference Call

Polycom SoundStation2 is a great solution of clarifying conference call both for small or midsize which carry ten recipients. It provides a full natural two-way conversation with a clear voice. Often businessman faced a problem when they arranged conference calling especially that time when they want to give a good impression to their clients. Polycom SoundStation2 is an awesome product that allows them to clarify and send their voice to another participant in a clear voice.

Its manufacturer set the standard to give high-quality microphone that has noise reduction technology with maximum sensation. Ones can’t find any background noise during conference conversation. Its functions are amazingly crystal clear qualities and easy to use. One can find mute, transferring or hold function and can easily understand these types of functions.


Polycom SoundStation2 Dubai Features:

This leading product of Polycom has great features;

  • Polycom Acoustic natural conversation with a clear voice in the 2-way
  • Polycom SoundStation2 Dubai provides 3 Cardioid microphones with background noise360-degree and great sensation.
  • It provides ten ft microphone wires that can be pickup by any participant in the conference
  • It has the latest dynamic noise reduction technology.
  • Users can set their favorite ringtone like a cellular
  • Users can adjust voice up to 94 dBa at 0.5 metres.
  • It has 12 telephone keypads with volumes up and down keys. Users can also mute during a conference
  • Users can enjoy the function of speed dial through speed dial key.
  • It has multi-lingual users interface that provides easiness to the user during its usage.
  • Every caller has its own ID of Polycom SoundStation2.
  • Users can add 25 addresses in the phone
  • Users will find RCA Auxiliary Audio Jack, EX microphone jacks and application port in Polycom SoundStation2.

Pros and Cons of Polycom SoundStation2 Dubai:

SoundStation2 has great benefits but minimum cons also:


  • It has the greatest conference telephone that provides you a smooth voice in sequence range.
  • Crystal clear voice technology that allows a sequence of flowing conversation simultaneously.
  • Users will not face the problem of disconnection.
  • The voice clearly listen from distance and users can raise the voice according to need.
  • It has a backlit display that provides the sufficient light that displays information about calls and caller.
  • The user can expand it according to their need from small to mid or mid to large size conference room.
  • Its usage is very easy to understand.
  • It can be connected to any Also, it can attach to PBX analog.


It has least cons which great value of it with great significant benefits.

  • It’s only one bad thing is that it’s much expensive for many people. But when we compared it as a businessman, its cost is fully worth it.

Extra Features:

Polycom SoundStation2 Dubai is also available in the expandable form. This expandable form has some extra features as compared to simple SoundStation2.

  • It can easily expand to medium to the large conference room by connecting the expandable microphone. It can expanded from 10 peoples to 30 peoples.
  • It also works with your cellular or smartphones.

In the box:

You’ll find these tools in Polycom SoundStation2 box:

  • SoundStation Tabletop phone console.
  • Seven ft is Telco-cable.
  • RJ-11 telephone jack.
  • CD for instructions.
  • Registration Card.