Polycom VTX1000 Dubai With Noise Reduction Technology

Polycom VTX1000 Dubai

Do you looking for efficient conference phone which helps to developed your business and lay on the path of success. Do you tired to have microphone which needs shouting every time you’re arranging business meetings. Then Polycom VTX1000 is revolutionary solution of your problems which capable to meet the demands of your business meeting. It has also the quality adapt business meeting environment automatically.

Polycom SoundStation VTX1000 allows its users to enjoy the conference calls with natural flowing sequence of voice. You can easily speaks and heard voice 6 meters away from microphone. Polycom SoundStation VTX1000 truly has proud to become next generation of conference phone. Indeed it’s great solution for any budget of business which can easily fit in any size of conference room from small to large.

Polycom VTX1000 Dubai

Features of Polycom VTX1000 Dubai;

These are essential features of Polycom SoundStation2 VTX1000:

  • HD Voice Quality:

It has High Definition technology which gives you high efficient voice quality. All Participants of conference room can easily hear voice all around the room. It has marvellous voice technology which clarify voice and make them understand.

  • Noise-Reduction Technology:

It has noise reduction technology which clarify circuit and reach clear voice to everyone. This technology works with PC projector and HVAC sounds. This feature doesn’t allow any distraction to cut the voice during your conference call.

  • Covers Wide Range:

Polycom SoundStation VTX1000 is giving you broad range of 20 foot or 6 metres microphone pickup range. This covers large conference room with clear voice and optimal performance.  It means all participants can easily hear the voice of conference call who are 20 foot away from microphone which is really great feature of Polycom SoundStation2 VTX1000.

  • Control over microphone:

You can extend your microphone in even larger conference room. You can also select one microphone and another will follow that microphone automatically. Even if you want to arrange call in your specific area, you can adjust sound with echo-cancelled channel. It will give you better sound in any environment.

  • Audio Extension Technology:

With latest conference phone technology, it provides audio extension technology which made up for the purpose of provides  clearer down to 80 HZ. Its life-like sounds can make your meeting more reliable that you don’t need to repeat your message again and again.

  • Portability:

It’s heavenly portable, you can easily carry this anywhere. It has interface which allows to connect with wireless network or devices like smartphone or any other device.

Pros and cons of  Polycom VTX1000 Dubai:

Every product has some benefits and side effects also. These are main pros and cons of Polycom SoundStation2 VTX1000 which helps you to decide that either this conference phone device is right for you or not:


  • Great work with HD audio technology which deploying flexibility in switched environment.
  • It covers great or larger room with 20 foot microphone pick-up range even with clear voice.
  • It has application port and maximum configuration flexibility.
  • Internal and external connection are providing.
  • Control over microphone and speakers with multiple users.


  • Minimum feature which support only one line.
  • Using a couple of wires or cables make it complicated to set up or understand it.
  • Many people consider its price is much high and then they go to low-price products with excellent features. But for the business person, they know the real value of this product.