Fanvil EHS20 Dubai


Fanvil EHS20 Dubai

The Fanvil EHS20 Adapter Dubai is widely compatible with various Fanvil phones including X2 / X2P / X3S / X3SP / X3G / X4 / X4G / X5S / X6 / X7 /X7C /X210.


Fanvil EHS20 Adapter Dubai

The Fanvil EHS20 Dubai allows you to connect your Fanvil X-series IP Phone to a headset base in order to answer end calls directly from your Jabra headset.

Connect DECT base to Fanvil IP phones with EHS20 adapter in order to achieve remote control and allow users to answer and end the calls by press the multi-function button on the headset.

Compatible Models: Fanvil XU Series / X2 / X2P / X3S / X3SP / X3G / X4 / X4G / X5S / X6 / X7 /X7C /X210

Fanvil EHS20 Functions: Hear ring tones, Answer calls, End calls, Mute the microphone