Yealink T29G Dubai Review

Yealink provides top notch mobile phone not to help you maintain your business but also to expand it. From time to time, this company has extended its range of exclusive business phones while introducing new features into them. Following we see the new T29G and what makes it ideal for your business.

The Yealink T29G Dubai is a new Gigabit VoIP phone that comes with a 4.3 inch LCD. The HD Voice of this voice can handle up to 16 SIP Accounts. Apart from that, this phone is capable of supporting some different settings. This is the leading model of Yealink T2X series. It boasts features including the power over Ethernet support with wired and wireless headset along with EHS.

This Phone also supports busy lamp field keys that can be programmed on screen. This feature helps to show if there is someone else available while on a call.  This is advanced VoIP phone that delivers a rich user experience. It uses Optima HD technology that helps for clear and life-like voice communication.

Yealink T29G Dubai

Leading the Business Market

This is recognized as one of the most advanced phone being offered by this brand. It jump starts your business productivity as it has a total of 276 line keys. These keys are available via a key page function. It allows you to create paperless labels for your frequent contacts and busy lamp fields. The line buttons helps to utilize red and green led to display you the statuses of contacts, features of this phone and much more.

It can also connect to a Bluetooth-enabled headset just by plugging a USB dongle. This phone allows the support for six expansion modules at once to transform a powerful attendant console. The Optima HD voice tech helps you to stay productive by providing wideband audio along with each cancelation. Also, the Yealink T29G Dubai comes with adaptive jitter buffer and true to life sound quality.


Ideal for Businesses of All Size

Being the most advanced model in Yealink Phone arsenal, the T29G is designed for intensive use for busy working environment. It has all the features of business phones such as 10 line keys, caller id, duplex handsfree and much more. Also, this phone also has the option of 3-way conference, SMS, Voicemail with a phonebook that can contain over 1000 entries. It supports six expansion modules to increase the capacity of this phone. It comes with a POE. Therefore it has no power supply.

Thanks to its vast array of functionalities, this proves to be a great set for some different settings. The credit goes to its flexibility; it is ideal for businesses of all sizes from small to large enterprise. Following are a few features of this phone:

  • 16 VoIP Accounts
  • Call Waiting
  • Giga Byte Network
  • Call Transfer
  • 3 Way Conference
  • XML Phonebook
  • Support for more than 20 languages
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Peer to Peer SIP Link Mode
  • NAT Traversal STUN Mode
  • Wall Mountable
  • EHS Support