Yealink T22P Dubai – Affordable and Easy to Use

The Yealink T22P Dubai is PoE enabled SIP phone that came with 3 SIP lines and HD Voice Software and Hardware. It comes with intuitive user interface with improved functionalities which makes it easy for you to interact while improving your productivity.

The T22P allows improved high fidelity audio with outsource management options and support for third party communication apps. This is an affordable IP solution that allows you to streamline your business process while proving to be a powerful and consistent solution for communication needs of your growing business.

Also, it comes with an intuitive user interface that improves the functionality by making its operation and interaction quite easy. The Yealink T22P Dubai comes equipped with TI TITAN chipset, and it integrates the leading VoIP voice engine to provide a high-definition user experience.  With its flexible installation options.

This is an enterprise phone that comes with 32 programmable keys including four soft keys. This is an ideal solution for offices in need for effective yet affordable communication solutions. This is the ideal business IP Phone that is a must have for reliable and robust communication for daily business needs. It supports all needs of communication without any extravagant expense.


Redefining Ease of Use

Yealink T22P Dubai is ideal for productivity driven teams as it is designed for the power user in a hard-working office environment. With all of its robust features, still this phone in a sleek and elegant design. This sleek design is well complemented by is an abundance of useful phone applications and broad interoperability. Summing up all of its features, it fulfills the VoIP deployment needs from Enterprise to ITSP. Following are the Key Features of it:

  • Yealink HD Voice
  • 132×64-pixel graphical LCD
  • Two-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch
  • PoE support
  • Up to 3 SIP accounts
  • Headset support
  • Wall mountable
  • Simple, flexible and secure

Dedicated Buttons

The Soft keys are shown as labels to identify context-sensitive functions. The account buttons are needed to active all three user accounts. The Dial Pad uses DTMF Hard Feature Keys to enter numbers, special characters, and letters. The Audio Device Control Keys are used to adjust volume along with placing and receiving calls. Also, these keys also help to mute audio transmission during ongoing calls.

 The navigation keys are used to navigate through menus and to confirm the commands. The Hard Feature Keys are used to access voicemail and SMS; these keys also forward current calls to any third party also of dialling recently dialed numbers.

Selection of Codecs

The Yealink T22P Dubai Supports Codecs including G.722, G.711, G.723.1, G.726, GSM, ILBC and G.729AB. The users are provided with the ability to enable and disable codecs from the web interface.

Clear Status for Ease for Use

Users can view the status of their device anytime with the Phone or Web Interface. This Includes the Network status such as IP Address, Mac Address, Gateway, DNS, LAN, and WAN. It also includes the Phone Status for summing up Phone Name, Hardware and product versions along with Product ID. The Account Status only takes the responsibility for 3 SIP accounts. Now you don’t need to follow any long process as you have all the important info right on the screen.