Overview of Yealink T26P Dubai

The Yealink T26P Dubai offers more functionality while being affordable. It comes with ability to design different levels along with an intuitive 7-inch Touchscreen. SIP. Moreover, This VoIP phone supports a broad range of features which includes XML, SCA, BLF List, call forwarding, etc. T26P features a backlit color touchscreen along with 29 programmable buttons for ease of use.

T26P supports YHS32 Headset and EHS36 adaptors along with a wide range of compatible accessories. The Yealink HD Optima Sound Technology allows superior sound quality in this phone that helps for seamless communication so you won’t have to repeat yourself over and over again.


Example of Leading Edge Technology

This is one of the most recent innovations for the Chinese Manufacturer, which integrates according to your communication needs. It features a future-proof design and infrastructure for seamless migration to GigE network. It discerns the user with IP technology as it features and technical design. The Yealink T26P Dubai is practical as it comes with an extra-large display that make the pen and paper a bit redundant. This phone represents the leading edge technology of VoIP in action.

It also USB and Earphone Bluetooth support. This phone meets the requirements of Tia 920 Certificate. This phone is made for the discerning user with high expectations. It carries advanced technical features with design. In short, these phone is designed to set out and achieve the solutions for perfection combined with ultimate performance.

Business Friendly Features of SIP-T26P

Made to become even more functional, this phone can be installed in different environments. With features such as buffer leveling jitter and echo cancelation, it makes an ideal product for the executive office worker. The Yealink T26P Dubai is an advanced phone that is made for maximizing the functionality with the efficiency of your business. Keeping the needs of every working in mind, it equips the TI TITAN chipset to offer the unforgiving quality of sound with the TI Voice engine. It features Ten DSS Keys which are built into program IP PBX features including BLF BLA, intercom and call pickup, XML Browser, and even Hot Desking.

It comes with Six Navigation keys along with four soft keys that make the phone a bit easier to use. It also has ten dedicated further keys to allow you the direct access to audio and call control functions. Along with that, the Yealink T26P Dubai comes with a rich external interface including 2 LAN Ports, PoE, Headset and other expansion module ports.  Following are the features of this phone:

General Features

  • 3 Line Operation
  • SIP
  • Corded Voice Over IP Phone
  • Voice over Internet Protocol
  • Distinctive Incoming Call Treatment
  • Redial
  • AC Adapter
  • Softkey
  • Call Transfer
  • 3 VoIP Accounts
  • 300 Entries capable PhoneBook
  • Caller ID Display
  • Multi-language support
  • HD Voice, Codec, Handset and Speaker
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone with AEC
  • 722 Voice Codec
  • Supports VAD

Network Features

  • SIP 2.0 NAT Transverse
  • STUN Mode
  • DHCP
  • Auto Provision for Firmware Configuration
  • Auto Provision with TFTP, HTTP, and PnP
  • Open VPN VLAN QoS
  • DTMF IN Band