Yealink T28P Dubai  – Overview

Yealink T28P Dubai presents the next generation of VoIP phones that are ideal for companies in need of rich and qualitative telephonic experience. This Model comes with a friendly that pairs with super voice quality. The HD technology allows for clear and life-like communication. It supports a large HD screen along with 42 keys. Over, the T28 comes with the excellent user experience for easy configuration, calls, XML browser and much more.


How does SIP-T28P improve your Business Setup?

This phone works with the security standards of TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, Open VPN and others to improve the productivity of your business. It protects you against electric eavesdropping along with data theft. The Yealink T28P Dubai supports TI TITAN Chipset, which delivers high definition voice quality with its TI Voice Engine, Handset, Speaker and G.722 Codec. With such features, the T28P establish itself as a top notch business VoIP phone with quality features including 4 level Grayscale, 6 VoIP account with Broadsoft and Avaya.

 This VoIP Phone is an Executive IP Phone, which is ideal for Power IP users. It helps improving the productivity and efficiency in your day to day business. It comes equipped with TI chipset for the provision of unrivalled super HD voice and video quality. It comes with innovative functions with are rich in functionality. These functions are combined with friendly user interface and elegant design. It provides a pleasant and satisfactory user experience.


The All in One POE Solution

The Yealink T28P Dubai leverage outstanding voice quality of its chipset and improves its productivity with the addition of 2 Ethernet Ports. With all of these combined, the user can daisy chain their current workstations for seamless connections without the additional wiring. In short, this helps for providing an unbeatable manager level phone that improves your business relationship and productivity.  It is the all in one PoE enabled advanced IP phone that comes with five lines along with HD Voice hardware that is backed up by Software support.

If you are in need of Speed Dial Buttons, then Yealink T28P Dubai is the perfect phone for you. The Chinese Manufacturer, Yealink is known for making qualitative products for the demanding business user. This phone comes with support for 6 SIP lines along with 16 programmable keys. It features a pass-through Ethernet setup so there won`t be any need for a bunch of cables. When combined with POE, Power over Ethernet, you no longer need a Power adapter. With this phone, you enjoy a reversible base that allows you to mount this phone on the wall.

Features at First Sight

It also comes with optional headset option without any extra costs and expansion modules with programmable buttons. Following are the exclusive features of Yealink T28P Dubai. Have a look at these characteristics and see what makes it ideal for your business needs.

  • 2xRJ45
  • XML Phonebook
  • PnP Auto Provision
  • FTP, TFT and HTTP
  • HD Voice, Codec, Handset and Speaker
  • Broadsoft Validated
  • 6 VoIP Accounts
  • TI TITAN Chipset and TI Voice Engine
  • And much more!