Grandstream DP710 Dect Cordless Expansion Handset

The Grandstream DP710 is a powerful, high-quality and affordable phones with VoIP DECT configurations for small business and domestic users. These are available in the compact size and offer superior voice quality. The phone set is full of features; therefore, it is a leading handset in the market.

The economical price and excellent radio coverage help consumers to maximize the power and mobility of VoIP applications. DP710 has compliance with SIP and DECT for the flexible deployment in the field. The DECT base station has registered almost 5 DECT handsets. Following are some main features of the Grandstream DP710:

  • You can get the benefits of caller ID and call waiting facilities.
  • The 3-way conference, transfer, and the forward facilities are also available.
  • You can give don’t disturb and message waiting indications like stutter tone.
  • Other facilities include voice prompt, flexible dial plan, auto-talk, and multi-language options.
  • You can secure the provisions with the use of HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet and TFTP. The multiple SIP accounts and SIP over TCP/TLS, SRTP are also available.
Grandstream DP710 Dect Phone Dubai Grandstream DP710 Dect Phone Dubai

Accessory Handset and Charger

The Grandstream DP710 is used as an accessory handset for the Grandstream DP715 base. The base station of DP715 can support four additional handsets, and you can take four simultaneous calls.

Uses and Benefits of DP710

This special VoIP phone system is a high-quality and easy to use DECT cordless IP phone. These devices are well-known for their compact size and excellent voice quality. These are available at affordable rates in the market. You can enjoy excellent radio coverage almost 150 feet indoors and up to 1,000 feet outdoors. It enables you to enjoy excellent mobility and VoIP without additional investment. The handset is flexible to deploy because of its full compliance with SIP/DECT. The Grandstream DP710 Dect Phone Dubai offers 80 hours standby time and almost 10 hours of talk time. You can get the benefits of unrestricted communication even in the corridor.

Special Characteristics of Grandstream DP710

  • It has one ancillary handset with a charging base. It can be paired with the DP715 base station.
  • Almost four additional DECT handsets can be registered
  • The phones may ring in sequence in the predestinated order
  • All phones are shared in a line mode
  • Advanced telephony features
  • It can support various voice codes, such as G.711, G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726 and iLBC
  • Secure and automatic provisions with the use of HTTP/HTTPS/Telnet/TFTP, multiple SIP accounts, SIP over TCP/TLS, SRTP
  • Various language settings are available

The Grandstream DP710 Dect Phone Dubai is simple to use because a quick-user-guide is available to explain the basic and advanced features of the phone. You can make and answer calls, and place it on hold by pressing the “Recall” button. A 3-way conference call facility enables you to bring a third party into the conference. You can also check the incoming and outgoing call history. The calls can be transferred to the third party, and you can also switch off the microphone during a call to talk freely without the other person hearing you.