Get the Benefits of Reliable Cordless IP Phone Grandstream DP715

The Grandstream DP715 is an excellent DECT cordless IP phone that works well with the Callcentric service after placing behind your broadband internet router. It is possible to add almost five cordless handsets to the base unit of DP715. Clear instructions are available in the form of the user manual. The hardware version 1.2A is running the 1.0.08 firmware. The guide will help you to understand the use and default configuration of the DECT phone.

The dynamic IP address can be automatically obtained from the router with the use of DHCP. This is a powerful and affordable handset to make high-quality calls. The VoIP DECT phones are excellent for small businesses and domestic users. These smaller sized phones have lots of innovative features for excellent performance.

Grandstream DP715 Dect Phone Dubai Grandstream DP715 Dubai

Characteristics of the Grandstream DP715

  • The compact-sized Grandstream DP715 Dect + Phone Dubai  offers wide range radio coverage for the consumers to exploit the power of IP voice application. It can increase the mobility and flexibility to deploy in the field because of SIP and DECT compliance.
  • The DECT base station can register up to 5 DECT handsets, and you can use almost four handsets at the same time.
  • The same SIP account can be shared on the multiple handsets, and the group supports are available in the Linear Mode, Parallel Mode, and Shared Line Mode.
  • Advanced telephony features of Grandstream DP715 Dect Base + Phone are called ID, 3-way conference, call waiting, transfer, call forward, and don’t disturb messages, multi-language voice prompt and flexible dial plan.
  • It offers maximum support for the comprehensive voice codecs, like G.711, G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726, and
  • It is possible to automate the provisions with the help of HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, TFTP, and multiple SIP accounts, SIP over TCP/TLS, and SRTP.

Why use VoIP Grandstream DP715 Handset with Base Station?

The Grandstream DP715 VoIP DECT phone system offers high-quality calls and simple to configure. This cordless set enables you to get wide range radio coverage, 150 feet indoors and almost 1000 feet outdoors. The users can enjoy easy mobility and cheap VoIP. The compliance with SIP/DECT standards makes it flexible to deploy.  The Grandstream DP715 features 80 hours standby time and almost 10 hours of talk time. You can enjoy excellent communication with these powerful handsets.

Login to Your Device

An Ethernet network cable will help you to connect your handset to the router. The phone can connect to Grandstream DP715 Dubai after getting full power. By pressing the “*” key three times, you can hear the menu by pressing 0 2 on your phone. You need to enter your IP address and then record this information.

To connect your device with Grandstream DP715 Dubai, you have to open a browser on the computer and open the IP address written in the address bar. Some browsers don’t accept zero’s in the IP address, and you have to change your IP by omitting them. For instance, the will be written as By carefully reading the user guide, you will be able to configure your setup.