Grandstream GXP1405 Small-Medium Business IP Desk Phone

The Grandstream GXP1405 is a standard IP phone designed with advanced features for all small to medium business organizations. It helps you to handle 3-way conference calls, and the user can configure it easily as per his/her needs. It provides support for two lines and the 3 XML programmable soft keys make it easy for users to set its functions.

You can get the benefits of HD quality audio calls with hands-free speakerphone and HD wideband and advanced facilities to cancel echo. You can personalize the settings of this phone because a user manual is available for your help. The phone includes multiple language and call-waiting capabilities for the convenience of users. This feature rich phone is available at affordable rates, and you can handle a heavy volume of your calls easily.


Highlighted Features of GXP1405

  • 2 line keys and dual-color LED display will help you to set the phone
  • The 2 SIP accounts and two call appearances are available with context-sensitive keys
  • 3-way conference facilities are available for your business
  • The phonebook can store almost 500 contacts, and the call history has the capability to keep 200 records
  • Automatic provisioning makes it easy to use TR-069
  • The XML configurations can be done via TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS, SRTP and TLS for advanced security protection, 802.1x for media access control

Why Grandstream GXP1405 is the best for you?

Following are some reasons that make this Grandstream GXP1405 an excellent choice for your small to medium business:

Excellent HD Audio

The phone provides HD audio calls support with wideband codec and improved HD hardware. You can cancel the echo sound and enhance the performance of double talk on the full-duplex speakerphone. The HD handset will enhance your experience.

Unlimited Provisioning

You can provision your Grandstream GXP1405 Dubai phone because unlimited provisioning is available. The phone is auto-configured and has manageable firmware. You can monitor and customize the performance with the help of TRO69, TFTP, HTTP, and XML provisioning.

Wall Mounted Features

The phone has a wall-mountable feature; therefore, you can mount it anywhere to the wall in your office, warehouse, kitchen, and recreation area. The phone can be provisioned with 3CX, Genband, MetaSwitch, Huawei and several other phones with the SIP-based platform. The phone has the plug-and-play capability.

TLS and SRTP Security

You can confidently use Grandstream GXP1405 because it is the most secure IP connection phone. With TLS feature, there is no need to worry about the pirating because the information on your phone can’t be stolen. You can confidently make your private calls because no one can listen into your calls.

Secondary SIP Server

The secondary SIP server is available so that your phone can continuously provide phone service. There is no need to worry about the routine maintenance, collapse of DNS and SIP servers because the auto provisions will automatically switch your phone to the SIP secondary server without any human intervention. You can continuously use this service for your business activities. The Grandstream GXP1405 Dubai will enhance your productivity because you can get the benefits of its advanced and personalized features.