Grandstream GXP1450 HD Business Grade IP Phone

The Grandstream GXP1450 HD IP phone is excellent for small and medium business organizations. This Linux-based phone has two lines, 3 XML programmable keys, and 3-way conferencing. The 180 x 160 backlit LCD screen is easy to view because of a crystal-clear display. The phone offers excellent HD audio quality and personalized web applications. You can get the benefits of various languages and configure this versatile phone on the basis of your business needs. This device is reliable and offers excellent experience. The device is affordable for any business organizations and can enhance your productivity.

Grandstream GXP1450 Phone Dubai Grandstream GXP1450 Dubai

Configuration of Grandstream GXP1450

The Grandstream GXP1450 is based on the software version, but it can be configured based on your version. You can follow factory default configuration to obtain automatically a dynamic IP address from your router with the help of DHCP. A user manual is available for your help that may make the configuration of Grandstream GXP1450 easy.  You can configure this phone easily by following some simple steps:

  1. Connect your GXP1450 with your network with an AC adapter and then access your web configuration. Your device will take only 60 seconds to boot fully up after getting power with AC adapter.
  2. The LCD screen of the phone will show “Grandstream” and you can see the IP address of the device in a format like The actual number can be different from the example.
  3. On the computer, you need to enter this IP address in the browser like Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. The IP address will help you to open a control panel for the configuration of the device.
  4. You need to write a password in the given field to get access to the control panel, and the default password can be “admin”. Now you are ready for the configuration of your IP Phone.

GXP1450 – Highlighted Features and Benefits

The Grandstream GXP1450 Dubai has lots of features and benefits that make it prominent for any business:

  • The Grandstream GXP1450 Dubai supports two dual-color line keys with 2 supported lines and 2 SIP accounts
  • It has 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys and facility to organize 3-way conference
  • HD Wideband audio and the hands-free speakerphone is available with advanced feature to cancel echo. You can enjoy double-talk with this phone.
  • The Grandstream GXP1450 Dubai has a large phonebook with almost 500 contacts and the call history also has up to 500 records.
  • Automatic personal information services are local weather, currency, personalized music ring tone, ring back tone, flexible, modifiable screen and formatting with XML and advanced web and enterprise applications.
  • The web applications are available for GXP1450.
  • The Dual switched auto-sensing 10/100Mbps network ports are available with built-in PoE.

The Grandstream GXP1450 IP Phone Dubai is excellent for any business organization to handle a heavy volume of calls. It is quite affordable for business use because you can configure this phone, according to your needs. It can increase the productivity of your business because there is no need to compromise on voice quality.