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Logitech Group HD Conference Cam UAE

Logitech Group HD Conference Cam is an Affordable video conferencing for mid to large-sized meeting rooms. Logitech group conference camera comes with complete audio and also video conferencing bundle.it Has Smooth motorized pan, tilt and zoom controlled from remote or console.



Logitech Group Dubai UAE

Logitech Group, it’s video conferencing solution for rooms that seat 14–20 people, it delivers high-quality HD video and crystal-clear audio, allowing any meeting place to be a video conferencing space. With its advanced features like acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction technology, and intuitive controls, it’s easier than ever to include everyone in the conversation. USB plug-and-play connectivity makes Logitech Group a breeze to deploy and use. Simply connect Logitech Group in the conference room computer or your laptop through USB, and you’re good to go. Use it with any video conferencing software, including those you already use. For great-sounding audio calls, pair your mobile device with Bluetooth® wireless technology to the Logitech Group speakerphone.

It has a customized setup to match the layout and size of your room. Mount the camera on a table, tripod, or wall. Logitech Group has optional expansion mics to extend audio coverage up to 28 feet (8.5 meters). Add an optional 33 feet (10 meters) or 49 feet (15 meters) cable to increase the reach of the speakerphone or camera. Bring the meetings into focus with Logitech Group’s premium lens, 10x lossless zoom, and HD 1080p/30 performance. Perfectly frame the presenters and whiteboards with pan/tilt control, and zoom in for detail and clarity. Logitech Group’s 90° diagonal field-of-view provides ideal coverage for medium and large conference rooms, with motorized pan and tilt for wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling coverage. Everyone hears and can be heard with Logitech Group’s full-duplex speakerphone, which delivers a sound that’s crisp, clear, and highly intelligible.

Logitech Group Conferencecam Dubai

Logitech Group Conferencecam Dubai

Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology make conversations natural-sounding while reducing reverberation and ambient noise. Hear and be heard with life-like clarity. Logitech Group’s full-duplex speakerphone provides 360° coverage with four omnidirectional mics. Beamforming technology helps pick up speech throughout a 6m / 20 ft diameter while reducing keyboard clicks and other audible distractions. You can even pair Logitech Group with your smartphone or tablet to enjoy outstanding audio clarity and ample volume with mobile applications and conference calls.

Logitech Group is certified compatible with Skype for Business and ready for Teams. Certifications and compatibility with other popular applications include BlueJeans, Broadsoft, Fuze, Lifesize Cloud, Vidyo, and Zoom. If your preferred application can recognize a webcam, you can use it with GROUP. Logitech Group’s speakerphone provides a convenient dock for the handheld remote control, and features an LCD status screen and tactile buttons to mute audio, adjust volume, move the camera, and more. You can also extend the range of the Logitech Group video conferencing system with Logitech Group Expansion Mics. It accommodates up to 20 people in one large room and makes sure everyone’s voice can be heard. Simply plug the microphones into the GROUP speakerphone: they are automatically recognized and configured. An indicator light shows when the microphone is muted when a call is active, and when Bluetooth wireless pairing has begun.

Logitech Group Dubai

Logitech Group Dubai

With tactile mute buttons on the speakerphone, handheld remote, and optional expansion mics, Logitech Group makes it easy to assure your privacy. When muted, the GROUP’s LED status ring lights up red, a subtle yet obvious assurance that’s easily seen throughout the room. Logitech Group’s compact Hub simplifies cabling and makes it easy to run cables under tables and through the conduit. Integrated data and power means that the camera and speakerphone each connect with a single cable. The included 5m / 16 ft cables give you lots of placement options, while optional extended cables offer double or triple the reach.

With regular firmware updates, Logitech continuously improves the Logitech Group video conferencing experience. For example, recent updates delivered substantial improvements to the automatic echo cancellation and gain control, plus upgraded beamforming and duplex performance. It’s another reason why Logitech delivers the best value proposition in the industry. Logitech RightSense™ proactive technologies make better video meetings easy and automatic. RightSound optimizes the human voice and enhances conversational clarity, and RightLight helps everyone look their best on camera, regardless of lighting conditions. With RightSense on board, video meetings are naturally more efficient with no calibration, manual intervention or support required.

Logitech Group Components and Specifications.

Camera: Height x Width x Depth: 130 mm x 170 mm x 138 mm Weight: 585 g Speakerphone: Height x Width x Depth: 240 mm x 65 mm x 240 mm Weight: 1223 g Hub: Height x Width x Depth: 94 mm x 34 mm x 74 mm Weight: 83 g Remote: Height x Width x Depth: 50 mm x 120 mm x 12 mm Weight: 51 g Wall/Table Mount: Height x Width x Depth: 210 mm x 120 mm x 99 mm Weight: 255 g Expansion Mics (Optional): Height x Width x Depth: 83 mm x 83 mm x 21 mm Weight: 230 g SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows® 7, 8.1 or 10 macOS 10.10 or higher TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS CAMERA Smooth motorized pan, tilt and zoom controlled from remote or console Pan +/- 90° Tilt +35° / -45 10x lossless HD zoom Field of View: Diagonal: 90° Horizontal: 82.1° Vertical: 52.2° Full HD 1080p 30fps H.264 UVC 1.5 with Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Autofocus 5 camera presets Far-end control (PTZ) of ConferenceCam product (with supported services) Kensington security slot Video mute/unmute LED indicator Standard tripod thread REMOTE CONTROL Camera, speakerphone, and call control 5 camera presets Docks on speakerphone IR 8.5 m CR2032 battery (included) SPEAKERPHONE Full-duplex performance Acoustic echo cancellation Noise reduction technology Ultra-wideband audio Pairs with mobile devices via Bluetooth and NFC LCD for caller ID, call duration and other functional response LEDs for speakerphone streaming, mute, hold, and Bluetooth Tactile buttons for call answer/end, volume and mute, Bluetooth, and camera controls 5 camera presets for pan, tilt, and zoom settings Kensington security slot MICROPHONES Pickup range: 6m Pickup range with expansion mics: 8.5 m Four omnidirectional, beamforming microphones Frequency response: 100Hz – 11KHz Sensitivity: -28dB +/-3dB Distortion: <5% from 200Hz HUB / CABLES / POWER Central Hub connects and powers all components Under-table mounting adhesive included One cable to camera : 5 m One cable to speakerphone: 5 m Extended cables available (10 m and 15 m) One USB cable for connection to PC/Mac (2 m) AC Power adapter with regional plugs Power cable (3 m) MOUNT Dual-purpose bracket works for both wall mounting and tabletop elevation COMPATIBILITY AND CERTIFICATIONS Plug-and-play USB connectivity Certified for Skype for Business and ready for Teams Zoom Certified Fuze Certified Compatible with Google Meet Microsoft Cortana® Cisco Jabber® Compatible with BlueJeans, BroadSoft, GoToMeeting, Vidyo, and other video conferencing, recording, and broadcasting applications that support USB cameras