Logitech Swytch Dubai


Logitech Swytch Dubai

Logitech Swytch, a compact, one-cable laptop link, enables users to deploy a laptop to run meetings with any video conferencing platform, webinar or streaming software.



Logitech Swytch Dubai

Logitech swytch Dubai with an innovative design that maximizes compatibility and incorporates DisplayLink® Plug-and-Display technology. Logitech Swytch offers a one-cable laptop link to a room’s conference camera and display, making it easy for teams to meet, present, and stream over any service Zoom, Webex and Skype video conferences are certainly all the rage right now as the alternatives to in-person business and team meetings, but there is a previously embedded culture out there that is set up for private room screenings for the same purposes. This method of private video conferencing is a corporate value for a number of enterprises and shouldn’t be overlooked. Yet there are times and circumstances when someone from the outside needs to join and/or run a private meeting in a corporate huddle room. To solve this problem, Logitech Swytch Dubai is an enhancement to Logitech room solutions that enables a lot more options when it comes to private-room screenings. This now incorporates Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms and enables users to join meetings for other video conferencing systems from a laptop. Using a single USB connection, users can switch control of the camera, audio devices and display in meeting rooms to your

Logitech Swytch Features :

  • Bring your own meeting (BYOM) to any room: Use Swytch in a room with Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms to connect a laptop to the room’s display, camera, and audio devices for meetings hosted on other services.
  • One cable, one connection: Swytch consolidates HDMI and USB into one cable to project a screen from a laptop on the room’s display at resolutions up to 4K with crisp, clear audio. Uers no longer need to rely on dongles, splitters or HDMI adaptors.
  • Universal compatibility: Swytch works with laptops using USB 3.0 or higher with Type A or Type C and DisplayLink drivers, including Windows 10 laptop, MacBook or Chromebook.
  • Laptop charging: Battery power is strong, the company said. Swytch provides up to 60W of power for laptops that charge via USB-C.
  • Device management: Compatibility with Logitech Sync makes it easy for IT staff to monitor and manage Swytch together with other meeting room devices, including Logitech MeetUp, Rally and Tap. Plus, the Sync software is free.
  • Clean Install: Swytch integrates with existing meeting rooms via a magnetic mount, which keeps the tabletop clean and organized, with no cords or extraneous accessories exposed.

Logitech Swytch Specifications:

    • Never run out of power when hosting a video meeting: Swytch provides 60 watts of power to laptops that charge via USB-C.
    • Thanks to DisplayLink Plug-and-Display technology, a single connection is all you need for both USB devices and an HDMI display.
    • Display movies from a laptop on the room’s display and speakers, and share full-motion video and audio into online meetings.
    • Featuring both USB Type A and Type C connectors, Swytch works with Chromebooks and Windows® and Mac laptops with USB 3.0
    • Monitor and manage Swytch, MeetUp, Rally, and other meeting room devices with Logitech Sync.
    • From wiring diagrams to quick reference cards, a range of deployment resources simplify installation and make it easy to introduce Swytch to end-users.
    • Swytch Hub
      • Height: 27.4 mm
      • Width: 164 mm
      • Depth: 90 mm
    • Swytch Extender
      • Height: 27.4 mm
      • Width: 120 mm
      • Depth: 120 mm
    • Meeting Room Equipment
    • Display with HDMI input
    • USB conference cameras with speakerphone
    • Laptop Computers
    • USB 3.0 Port (Type A or Type C)
    • USB Power Delivery (Up to 60 watts) for compatible laptops that charge via USB Type C
    • Operating Systems with DisplayLink Plug and Display™ Drivers, including Windows 10, macOS 10.15 and later, and Chrome OS™ 75 or later.
    • Swytch Hub
      • Power
      • HDMI 2.0 to Display
      • HDMI 2.0 to Meeting Room Computer
      • USB 3.0 Type A to Conference Camera
      • USB 3.0 Type C to Meeting Room Computer
      • USB 3.0 Type C to Swytch Extender
    • Swytch Extender
      • Power
      • USB 3.0 Type A to Swytch Hub
      • USB 3.0 Type C to Swytch Connector
      • USB 3.0 Micro B to Swytch Connector
    • Swytch Connector
      • USB 3.0 Type A to laptops with Type A ports
      • USB 3.0 Type C to laptops with Type C ports
    • MOUNTS
      • Swytch Hub: Compatible with Logitech PC Mount (not included)
      • Swytch Extender: Mount through a 25 mm grommet hole or attach below the table with included hardware
      • Swytch Connector: Magnetic dock included
    • Number of Meeting Room Displays: 1
    • Maximum Resolution and Frame Rate, Display: 4K/60 fps
    • Maximum Resolution and Frame Rate, Camera: 4K/30 fps
    • Laptop Audio for Local Sharing: Yes
    • Laptop Audio for Online Meetings: Yes (with services that support content sharing with system audio)
    • Device Management: Remote monitoring and management via Logitech Sync
    • Conference Cameras
    • Works with conference cameras that connect via USB, including Logitech Rally, MeetUp, and GROUP
    • Room Solutions
    • Microsoft Teams Rooms
    • Zoom Rooms
    • Also compatible with other room solutions that use USB-connected conference cameras and an HDMI-connected display.

What’s in the Box  :

  • Swytch Hub
  • Swytch Extender
  • Swytch Connector with 1.5 m USB Cable
  • 100-240v Swytch Hub Power Supply
  • 100-240v Swytch Extender Power Supply
  • 5 m USB 3.0 Cable
  • 2.2 m USB 3.0 Cable
  • 2.0 m HDMI 2.0 Cable
  • Mounting accessories
  • Documentation