Yeastar D30 Dubai

Presumably, one might wonder about the importance the telephone systems have in the realm of business. With the expanding scenario, certainly, it is much essential for the business to go with the latest solutions instead of keeping the outmoded ones. With the digital revolution, once considered as the best, the PBX systems are now giving way to IP PBX systems. As the IP PBX extends many benefits in terms of functionality and productiveness, more businesses are looking to expand the communication facilities with IP PBX systems. The advantages for the business using the IP-PBX system came in different forms – the multimedia communication over the internet became so reliable and stable, communication cost reduced much and it improved the profitability. As the VOIP gains drive and continues to lead the market, the VOIP PBX system became the favorable systems for the organizations.

Yeastar D30 Dubai

Why Yeastar?

If you have been considering the IP PBX systems, then it is worth to expand the facilities with the Yeastar IP PBX systems. It comes with the added features and functionalities, moreover, it is designed to keep your business on top. With its power to exceed the communication abilities, it is no wonder, the products from Yeastar is most favorable in Dubai UAE. By the recent launch of new IP PBX series, Yeastar once again proved that they are the best in the world market. The ability to adapt with all types and sizes of business make Yeastar s-series IP PBX systems (including the expansion modules) a true asset to your organization. The models available in the Yeastar s-series models includes the Yeastar S20, Yeastar S50, YeastarS100, and Yeastar S300.

Increase the system capacity with D30 Module

You need to be prepared to expand the communication system as the business expands. Along with the VOIP PBX systems, Yeastar produces telephony modules for the expansion facility as well. Yeastar D30 Expansion Module is designed for improving the power and flexibility of Yeastar series IP PBX systems.

With its power to add 100 VoIP users and 30 concurrent calls, the D30 Module can support the S-series models- S100 and S30. So with this Module, S100 can accommodate extra 100 users and 30 concurrent calls in addition to its default 100 users and 30 calls respectively. Likewise, S300 can accommodate extra 100 users and 30 concurrent calls in addition to its default 300 users and 60 calls respectively.

IP PBX solution with Datavox Dubai

Datavox is counted as the much-appreciated communication provider in Dubai, UAE. Being a prominent player in the domain, we endeavor to make the customers happy with our cutting edge solutions. Given the growing popularity, most of the businesses are now deploying Yeastar IP PBX solutions. In a city like Dubai, implementing proper communication solutions with the right systems is essential for the business. So we at Datavox take extreme care to bring the systems with the leading Yeastar S-series in Dubai. Blessed with years for an impeccable solution in the vertical of telecommunication, we are second to none in Dubai. We have our service operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well.