Yeastar EX30 Dubai

In an ever connected business world, communication systems has a crucial role in keeping the relationships stronger and the business connected. In today’s evolving and competitive environment, it is must for the business to have an efficient phone system that makes the business productive and effective. VOIP technology changed the way the business communicates; and in view of the benefits offered by the VOIP technology, more number of business start accepting IP PBX systems for the increased productivity and better utilization. It utilizes the IP networks to make the communication possible, due to which the companies have much benefits in terms of call costs and efficiency.

Yeastar is the global brand involved in the production of advanced phone solutions including the IP-PBX systems.  Recently, the company has surprised the industry with a completely new S-series IP PBX systems. This launch has underlined its superior presence in the telecom domain. The all new s-series have been designed to push the communication in a much refined way, as the systems provide new level of flexibility in establishing the communication. The Yeastar S-series consists of various models and it encompasses S20, S50, S100 and S300. Along with systems, it comes with the telephone modules and expansion boards as well.

Selecting the right system is always tricky, if you have been decided to deploy a new IP PBX system, then it is good to rely on an experienced service provider. Datavox has years of hardcore experience in the area of planning, designing and implementation of telephone systems to the multitude of industries in Dubai, UAE.

yeastar ex30 Dubai

Increase the system capacity with EX30 expansion board

You need to be well prepared to expand the communication system as the business expands. Along with the VOIP PBX systems, Yeastar brings extension boards as well. Yeastar EX30 expansion board is specifically designed for improving the power and flexibility of Yeastar series IP PBX systems (S100 and S300).

EX30 expansion board supports 1 E1/T1/PRI ports and this can be used in conjunction with the S100 and S300 IP PBX systems for the expansion facilities. It can increase the number of SIP users and concurrent calls as your business grows.

IP PBX solution with Datavox Dubai

Being regarded as the leading communication provider in Dubai, UAE. We endeavor to make the customers happy with our cutting edge solutions. Given the increasing popularity of the systems, most of the businesses prefer Yeastar IP PBX solutions and the expansion boards and modules. In a metro like Dubai, installing a perfect communication with the right systems is necessary for the business. So we at Datavox is very much attentive in bringing the systems with the leading Yeastar S-series in Dubai. Blessed with hands on experience in the area of IP telephony services and IT service, we are second to none in Dubai. We have our service operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well.