Avaya B109 Dubai


Avaya B109 Dubai

The Avaya B109 Conference Phone Dubai is a personal speakerphone. It’s is compact and portable and fits easily in your bag or briefcase, wherever you’re going.


Avaya B109 Conference Phone Dubai

Immerse yourself in rich sounds using the Avaya B109 Conference Phone Dubai, a high quality speaker telephone which offers wireless connectivity to its users. Avaya B109 Conference Phone Dubai features a compact design which can easily fit inside your portfolio so you can carry it everywhere you wish. Integrated with the award-winning OmniSound audio technology, the Avaya B109 delivers outstanding audio clarity, ensuring that you can clearly hear and be heard. It is designed to meet your communication needs and requirements in tiny spaces and offices. It is fitted with a suite of advanced features, making it an ideal option in places where headsets would have otherwise been used. It is equipped with Avaya EquinoxTM and other conferencing applications which can be used on your tablet, mobile phone or PC.

Key Features:

  • Plug & Play Interface
    • Avaya B109 comes with a USB port which allows for easy connection to other peripherals including PCs, tablets, or mobile phones for easy content sharing. It is also equipped with a built-in Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to pair it with other devices for maximum efficiency. Bluetooth A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) enables you to play your favourite music tunes once you are done with your meeting sessions.
  • Clear Display Screen
    • Avaya B109 Conference Phone comes with a clear LCD display screen that gives you a quick access to details at a glance. The screen also gives an enhanced visual clarity to its user in poorly-lit conditions.
  • Headset Interface
    • The premium conference phone is also equipped with a headset port which enables you to connect the conference phone with your favourite headsets so you can enjoy maximum mobility and freedom in the office. You can therefore work on other tasks while on a phone call, leading to maximum productivity.
  • Wide Compatibility
    • The B109 conference phone Dubai works seamlessly with the AVAYA Communicator or AVAYA Equinox and other conferencing solutions, including Microsoft Skype for Business or Cisco Jabber. With the integrated battery of the AVAYA B109 conference phone, users can freely choose how and where they need to carry conferences.

Avaya B109 Specifications:

  • Compact, portable conference phone for easy connection to the computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Full-duplex HD sound through OmniSound technology
  • LCD display for displaying the active functions
  • Bluetooth pairing via NFC
  • Bluetooth A2DP for maximum audio performance
  • USB port for PC and other compatible devices
  • Flexible with Bluetooth and rechargeable battery (via USB)
  • Battery life up to 12 hours
  • Headset connection
  • Supports AVAYA Equinox, AVAYA Communicator,
  • Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, and other conferencing solutions

Avaya B109 Compatibility

  • Use with Avaya Aura®, Avaya IP Office™ and approved third-party platforms.

What’s in the Box.

  • Avaya B109 Conference phone
  • USB charging cable
  • Soft case
  • Quick start guide