Avaya B149 Dubai


Avaya B149 Dubai

The Avaya B149 Conference Phone Dubai is a table-top conferencing speakerphone that provides superior voice quality for small and midsize conferencing rooms.


Avaya B149 Conference Phone 

The Avaya B149 Conference Phone boasts of a modern Scandinavian design which has been primed to achieve the focal point of any conference room. It is an expansive device which allows the addition of extra expansion microphones when being used in larger spaces. The premium conference phone not only saves your time as it is extremely easy to operate, but also helps you minimize travel expenses since you can conduct smooth teleconferences using it. It is a perfect choice for analogue connectivity which offers a maximum communication experience on a low, affordable cost.

Having been integrated with Konftel’s patented OmniSound 2.0 audio technology, the Avaya B149 Conference Phone Dubai delivers crystal clear sounds, devoid of extraneous noises. An inbuilt large capacity phone book gives you the freedom to easily save your contacts, while a conference guide allows you to hold multi-party calls as well as pre-programmed teleconferences. It is also equipped with an internal recording function that enables you to easily record your calls on an SD memory card.

The Avaya B149 Conference Phone is an easy to use conference phone. Simply plug it into your analog phone system and a power outlet, and then start the conference. This device is best in a moderately sized conference room featuring around ten members.

Record conversations on the built-in DVR, with support for SD cards with up to 2GB capacity. Increase the Avaya B149 Dubai through available microphones and other accessories, allowing a conference of greater size and capacity.

Avaya B149 Conference Phone Features:

  • Crystal Clear Audio
    • Omnisound audio technology provides clear conversations with no clipping, background noise suppression, and an equalizer to adjust sound pitch.
  • Teleconferences Made Easier
    • The Avaya B149 is integrated with a conference guide which helps you set up group calls with the touch of a button. Even better, you can record your meetings and conference calls to an SD memory card for archiving and future reference. Phone book provides quick access to 50 contacts and 20 call groups
  • Expandability
    • Optional expansion microphones increase coverage and number of participants in the conference room for maximum efficiency.
  • Plug & Play Interface
    • Plug and play – Connects to an analog telephone line (POTS) or analog telephone station on your PBX – just plug it in and start conferencing

Product Specifications

Model Number B149
Brand Avaya
Warranty 1 Year
Speaker full duplex
Volume 90 db SPL 0.5 m (RMS)
Connect Analog
Pickup Range 200-3400Hz, 320ft2
I Deal In New Only
Wall Mount Speaker Needed No
Analog phone connection modular 6/6 RJ11 to an analog PBX
Call groups 20 groups
Expansion microphones modular 4/4
Expansion microphones extend Expansion microphones extend the voice pickup range from 320 to up to 750 sq ft (30-70 m2).
Frequency response 200-3400 Hz.
Microphone Omni-directional
Phone book 50 contacts
Pickup range up to 30 m2 (320 sq ft),BELOW 10 people.
Supports SD SD memory cards up to 2 GB
Minimum Order Quantity 1