Avaya J129 Dubai


Avaya J129 Dubai

The Avaya J129 IP Phone offers all the critical phone features, communication requirements, as well as call handling during walk-up phone calls.


Avaya J129 IP Phone Dubai

The Avaya J129 is widely compatible with various leading office platforms including Avaya IP Office, Avaya Aura, BroadSoft, and  Broadworks R21SPI/Zang Office R1.0. The Avaya J129 is an IP Phone that requires a proprietary VoIP system to operate , and is therefore not designed for use at home.

The wall-mountable IP Phone comes with a wall mount that enables you to easily fit the phone into office setup, resulting in a neat and tidy room. It comes with a user manual that guides you step by step on how to install and configure all settings before use, thus eliminating the need for technical skills or assistance when setting up.


Basic IP Phone: The Avaya J129 IP Phone offers all the critical phone features, communication requirements, as well as call handling during walk-up phone calls. The handset comes with a volume boost for those with hearing impairments, therefore eliminating the need to acquire an independently amplified headset.

Full Duplex Speakerphone: The Avaya J129 delivers high-quality voice communication for maximum productivity by reducing fatigue and providing comprehensive multi-party calls using the onboarded wideband audio codec in the headset and handset modes. Its speakerphone picks up the speaker’s voice, whether in whispers or loud volumes, then amplifies and transmits it for the listener on the other end to hear. This feature enables the user to operate hands-free conversations. The device is comfortable for use in halls, lobbies, and open workspaces.

SIP Telephony: The Avaya J129 IP Phone supports AST-SIP software, which enhances its features as well as compatibility like other IP phones in the 96xx series. This is inclusive of registration with Avaya Aura® for increased resilience at low costs, access to address books and call logs, and a visual indicator for waiting messages.

Park and Page: This feature on the Avaya J129 IP Phone enables you to park calls and announce parked calls to other users. It uses a set of park slot numbers that are configured by your system administrator. Whenever you park a call in one of the park slots, you or any other user who receives the page can dial that park slot number to unpark the call.

All the Right Features For Your Business: This an advanced desk phone with a futuristic sleek design, best possible features, and at a competitive price. It gives you the option of choosing extra features courtesy the Enhanced IPT license like Security & Aura Resiliency, as well as Avaya Session Border Control solution for remote access through Core License.

Inbuilt Volume Boost: The ergonomically designed Avaya J129 IP Phone comes with headsets that are configured for compatibility with TTD acoustic coupler, enabling easy connection to hear aids for users with hearing impairments. The handset features an inbuilt volume boost to avoid incurring extra costs of buying separately amplified headsets when dealing with users who are hearing-impaired. This not only makes communication easy but also eliminates the strain that sometimes comes with making or receiving unclear phone calls.

Personalized Settings: The Avaya J129 IP Phone enables you to personalize adjustments such as setting classic ringtones for specific contacts, and voicemail tones for incoming voicemail alert. This not only makes communication fun and easy, but also makes sure  that the user does not miss important phone

Compatibility: The Avaya J129 IP Phone is built for compatibility with professional office platforms such as Avaya Aura, Avaya IP Office, Zang Office R1.0 and BroadSoft BroadOffice R21SPI, thus providing the user with high-quality voice communications. The device supports different languages including English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian – Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Simplified Chinese.

Ease of Use: The Avaya J129 IP Phone features a simplified user interface that enables walk-ups, visitors or individual users in offices to easily communicate without wasting much time. The compact

Maximum Security: The Avaya J129 IP Phone guarantees you maximum security as you can log in and out as desired. You can also lock your phone to prevent unauthorized whenever you are away. Locking does not log you out as you can still receive all phone calls and make emergency calls. You can further unlock your phone using a pin or a password depending on your preferred configuration.

Avaya J129 IP Specifications.

  • Audio
    • OPUS Codec, G711a/u, G.722,G.726A,G.729,G.729A, G.729AB
  • Call Handling
    • Supports AST – SIP* for enhanced features and integration
    • Native support with IP office
    • Single line Phone,supports 2 concurrent calls
    • Mute key with mute alerting
    • Recent call log(100 entries)/ Aura contact list*(250 entries)
    • Transfer
    • Hold
    • Park/Unpark
    • Conferencing
    • TLS/SRTP for encryption
  • User interface
    • FSTN monochrome 128×32 pixel display (56×14.5mm)
    • Three context-sensitive soft keys
    • Status indicators
  • Software Compatibility
    • Avaya Aura®
    • Avaya IP Office™
    • BroadSoft Broadworks R21SPI
  • Connections
    • Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports to support co-located PC
  • Power Requirement
    • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af as a Class 1device
    • For customers requiring AC power, an Avaya global power adapter must be used together with a standard country-specific power cord, sold separately
  • Languages
    • Support for the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian – Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean,Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Simplified Chinese.

Package Contents

  • The Avaya J129 IP Phone
  • User Manual