Yealink CPN10 PSTN Adaptor


Yealink CPN10 PSTN Adaptor Dubai

The Yealink CPN10 is a PSTN adaptor to use with CP920 and CP960 Conference Phone. CPN10 Adaptor allows the CP920 /CP960 with connection option for both Analog PSTN Line and IP Network. With PSTN box CPN10 you can start your local three-way analog conference call.


Yealink CPN10 Analog Adaptor Dubai

The CPN10 Analog adaptor supports Yealink professional conference phone CP860 and CP920. You can enjoy echo cancelling technology as well as its productive call handling features, such as USB call recording, linkage to mobile phones or PCs while using the analog PSTN Line. The CPN10 is a plug and Play device and easy to use. It supports 2 cascaded CPN10 to set up PSTN conference.

Yealink CP10 Specifications

  • Two cascaded CPN10 to set up PSTN conference
  • Easy to use /Plug and play
  • No additional power needed
  • Support up to 2 cascaded CPN10 to set up PSTN conference
  • USB call recording
  • Support Yealink IP Conference Phone CP860/CP920