Yealink SIP-T27G IP Phone Dubai


Yealink SIP-T27G Dubai

Yealink SIP-T27G IP Phone is recognized as the upgraded product of Yealink SIP-T27P. This is a powerful and expandable IP phone with USB Port which enables it to connect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB recording devices.



Yealink T-27G IP Phone

Telecommunication is becoming a very crucial factor in every successful business. There are traditional communication methodologies that were used by almost every organization in the 19th century. As the need for connections increases, the legacy phone system becomes costlier. This is where the advent of IP telephony systems made a dramatic change in the telecommunication industry. There are many brands that emerged after the invention of these IP phones. One among them is the most trusted brand available on market today; Yealink IP Phones. With all their research and development on this technology, they have developed advanced features which help to increase productivity allowing users to have a great experience.

With the advancement in their technologies, Yealink was able to deliver a feature-rich product for their customers. The elegant design and increased functional capability of their IP phones always brought them to the top of other brands in this industry.

The SIP-T27G is future-proof, as it can work seamlessly with Bluetooth, WI-FI, and USB recording features, making it the ideal type of device for executives and professionals alike. If you are looking for a phone that has virtually all the features that a smartphone require, Yealink T27G is the deal.

As a way to remain in the forefront of telecommunication, Yealink has added yet another model to their T2 series Gigabit IP Phone catalog, with an additional feature of the power of the Ethernet (PoE).Yealink IP phones are well-known for their quality and reliability.

Yealink worked with HD technology in the development of sound, thereby ensuring that voice is of high quality, clear and life-like in all settings. In other words, it works with Opus codec in its provision of sound quality. With Opus wideband and HD technology, T27G delivers impeccable, superb sound quality, clear and life-like, as its predecessors have never witnessed it.

It prides itself with its fast calling handling powered by Gigabit and most encrypted remote provisioning and software updates. With Yealink, you will never go wrong in your choices.

Another fantastic feature that T27G pride itself in is the extended LCD expansion module. This external LCD can be used to extend your display in situations where you require a bigger screen to work on.

It is wall mountable, and can also be placed on a desk, thereby ensuring flexibility and mobility. For on-the-go workers, this ensures that there are no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to communication.

Yealink SIP-T27G IP Phone Dubai designed to help executives, professionals, and businesses alike for fast and easy communication in the workplace. Its numerous features and the easy user-centric interface is one of the leading advantages it has over its competitors. For the best and ideal desk phone, most notably for businesses, SIP-T27G is the best you will ever find. Are you yet to place an order? Now is perhaps the right time for you to make an order.

Yealink T27G is compatible with many IP PBX Systems and Soft switches such as 3CX, Yeastar, NEC, Dlink, Avaya, Asterisk, Sangoma, and Digium.

Phone Features

  • Support up to 6 VoIP accounts
  • One-touch speed dial, redial
  • Call transfer, call hold
  • Call forward, call waiting
  • Set date time manually or automatically
  • Call return, group listening
  • Mute, auto answer, DND
  • 3-way conference call
  • Direct IP call without SIP proxy
  • Hotline, emergency call
  • Ringtone selection/import/delete
  • Dial plan, XML Browser, Action URL/URI
  • Integrated Screenshots
  • USB port (2.0 compliant)
    • Bluetooth earphone through BT40 (pending),
    • Wi-Fi through WF40 (pending),
    • USB call recording through USB flash drive (pending)
  • Enhanced DSS key

Feature keys

  • 8 line keys with LED
  • 8 line keys can be programmed up to 21 paperless DSS keys (3-page view)
  • 8 features keys: message, headset, conference, mute, hold, transfer, redial, hands-free speakerphone
  • 4 context-sensitive “soft” keys
  • 6 navigation keys
  • 2 volume control keys
  • Illuminated message key
  • Illuminated headset key

IP-PBX Features

  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • Bridged Line Appearance (BLA)
  • Hot-desking, voice mail
  • Centralized call recording
  • Anonymous call, anonymous call rejection
  • Visual voice mail
  • Flexible Seating
  • Call park, call pickup
  • Executive and Assistant


  • Intelligent search method
  • Local phonebook up to 1000 entries
  • Phonebook search/import/export
  • Blacklist Support
  • XML/LDAP remote phonebook
  • Call history: dialled/received/missed/forwarded

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