Aver SonicBlast GS335 UAE


Aver SonicBlast – GS335 Dubai UAE

Aver SonicBlast GS335 is tuned to a specific sound curve configuration to bring you enhanced deep lows so that you can hear more details and impacts on the “battlefield,” giving you the edge over your rivals.



Aver SonicBlast – GS335 Dubai

Aver SonicBlast SonicBlast – GS335 is the wireless subwoofer that has been built exclusively for pairing with GS331 and GS333 gaming soundbars. All a user needs to do is place the GS335 subwoofer at any spot of the room and enjoy robust sound courtesy of its low-frequency prowess abilities. Away from gaming, the SonicBlast GS333 is enabled for being the audio output that works with normal home entertainment setup. It brings on board all commonly used connections for flexibility and boasts optical audio that is wonderful hooked with a games console, an auxiliary input, both left and right channel inputs for a stereo, as well as USB and Bluetooth. This makes the SonicBlast GS335 a versatile subwoofer that can handle everyone’s needs.

Avermedia Sonicblast Gs 335 Uae

Avermedia Sonicblast Gs 335 Uae

Aver SonicBlast GS335 Features :

  • Excellent for Gaming
    • The SonicBlast GS335 is has been tuned with specific sound curves configuration to deliver breathtaking audio that gamers so much require, with enhanced deep lows to give in-depth audio details, effects, and impacts. This is a critical addition as it gives you an edge over game enemies and competitors.
  • Heart-Pounding Bass
    • Embedded into the rear of the SonicBlast GS335 subwoofer is a 6.5” downward-firing power-amplified driver and a 2.2” port tube, bringing on board 70 watts of chest-pounding bass for your party.
  • Go Wireless
    • In a world where people are cutting loose from cables, the SonicBlast GS335 subwoofer gives you the freedom to go wireless, thanks to its 5.8 GHz connection. This makes it easy to place the woofer in any corner or angle of the room without worrying about layout, or the fear of tripping over cables.
  • Sleek
    • The Aver SonicBlast – GS335 sports the signature AVerMedia red-and-black aesthetic finish, making it sleek and compact. The SubWoofer is slightly over 1-foot tall, making it a wonderful inclusion to an entertainment package, from formal entertainment to a laid-back room. The compact, muted design devoid of RGB lights makes it a perfect fit in any set up, even away from a gaming environment.
  • Affordably Priced
    • Like all AVerMedia products, the cost of the Aver SonicBlast – GS335 is affordable compared to similar products on the market. AVerMedia therefore successfully saves you costs while offering the best possible quality,
  • Build Quality
    • Apart from the amazing features, the build quality, as is the case with AVerMedia products, is impressive. The Aver SonicBlast – GS335 retains original quality even with continued use, keeping sound as rich as it came off the production line. The subwoofer also comes with legs at the bottom, a guarantee that users can enjoy all the bass without extreme vibrations on the surface it is sitting on.

Why the Aver SonicBlast – GS335 Subwoofer?

  • Built to deliver Superior Sound Configuration for Gaming
  • Revel in heart-pounding 70 Watts of deep, room-shaking sound
  • Easy, hassle-free, and wireless setup via 5.8 GHz connection
  • On-Board Volume that puts adjustment at your fingertips

Aver SonicBlast GS335 Specifications :

Technical Specifications Total Output Power: 70 W (THD=10%)
Frequency Response: 40–150 Hz
Signal-and-Noise Ratio: ≧ 70 dB
Speaker Drivers: 6.5” active speaker 4 Ω x 1
Wireless Connection: 5.8 GHz
Dimensions (Φ x H): 228 x 346 mm
Weight: 3409 g
Power Adapter AC 100–240 V / 50–60 Hz, Output: 24 V / 2.5 A
System Requirements AVerMedia SonicBlast GS331 or GS333 soundbar
Package Contents SonicBlast GS335 Subwoofer
Power adapter
Quick guide