AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P


AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P Dubai UAE

The AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 features built-in multi-I/O with VGA, HDMI, Component and composite port. The video source from DVD, Projector, VHS, and more can be transferred into different sources on various displays via AVerTV Hybrid TVBox 13. With the video scalar function, AVerMedia TV Hybrid TVBox 13can upscale a signal from a lower resolution upscale to 1080p. Additionally, you can place AVerTV Hybrid TVBox 13 anywhere and it is still convenient to control with the included IR extender and remote control.



AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P Dubai

The AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P enables you to turn your TV into a monitor and further enjoy analog or digital TV (ATSC/ Clear QAM) on your monitor. You can use your AVermedia TV Hybrid TVBOx 13 – A200P to transfer video sources from DVD, Projector, VHS into different sources on various displays.

AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P Features :

  • Ultra-High Definition Video
    • This impressive feature of the AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P enhances lower resolution videos to a crystal clear 1080p. It uses its advanced 3D Y/C noise reduction, edge enhancement and color adjustment technologies to eliminate jagged edges and color noises to result in sharper and clearer images.
  • Multi – I/O Convert
    • The AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P comes with multiple input and output ports including HDMI, VGA, component, and composite ports, therefore enabling a user to simultaneously connect their laptop, document camera, DVD player, eliminating the need to change cable connections over and again. This also gives the user a seamless content sharing experience.
  • Easy to Setup
    • The AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P has been built to accord the user a quick and easy installation and operation even with no technical skills. The plug-and-play feature means that the user plugs in the USB 2.0 whenever there is need to update the system’s firmware.
  • Dual Screen Output
    • The high performing AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P has an impressive capability of displaying one video on two different screens at the same time using different output ports.
  • Unmatched Convenience
    • Using an included remote control, a user can easily switch sources or channels and even control volume and other settings with minimal effort. Add the included IR extender cable and you can still operate the AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P even while standing or sitting far from it.
  • Enhanced Portability
    • The AVer TV Hbrid TVBox 13 – A200P has a lightweight design of 8oz, which makes it easy for you to carry around anywhere, anytime. Its compactness enables you to stash in your bag since it is not bulky at all.
  • USB Firmware Upgrade Function
    • This feature makes it more efficient for the users to update their firmware to the latest one available in the market by themselves, even with no basic technical skills, just by using a single USB connection to their PC.

Why the AVer TV Hybrid TVBOx 13 – A200P?

  • It supports dual-screen output
  • Upscale low-resolution content and signal up to 1080p
  • The freedom to watch both analog or digital (ATSC & Clear QAM) content on your monitor
  • Multi I/O Converter
  • Control sources easily using the supplied IR extender and remote control

AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P Specifications :

Input Signal ●         HDMI ×2

●         VGA

●         75Π TV Antenna

●         3.5mm audio

●         Composite ×2(via 3.5mm to AV cable, share component audio)

●         Component via (3.5mm to YPbPr cable)

●         USB 2.0 port (for firmware upgrade)

●         DC port

Output Signal ●         HDMI

●         VGA

●         3.5mm audio Combo Audio & Composite (via 3.5mm to AV cable)

System Requirements ●         PC/ Projectors: CRT/LCD/Plasma Monitors

●         TV Signal for NTSC/ATSC/Clear QAM

What’s in the Box :

  • AVer TV Hybrid TVBox 13 – A200P (Weight: 8 oz)
  • Vertical Stand
  • Power Adapter 12V/1.5A
  • HDMI Cable × 1
  • 3.5mm to Component Cable × 1
  • IR Extender Cable × 1
  • 3.5 mm to Composite/ Audio Cable × 3
  • Remote Control (Batteries Included)
  • User Manual