Yealink T48G Lync Phone Dubai Review

Yealink doesn’t usually associate with Lync. This brand has established itself as an indicator of strength ever since they have partnered with The Lync Firmware to introduce their new product range. Speaking of the new variety, the Yealink T48G Lync Phone Dubai makes a respectable piece of kit. Following are a few basic features of it:

  • PoE Support
  • Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet
  • Modern UI
  • EHS Support
  • Yealink Optima HDVoice
  • 722 and G.711 Codecs
  • Intelligent Search Method
  • Auto Root Certificate each
  • Sign in with Phone Web Interface and BTOE
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Active Directory Contacts
  • Synchronization with Client

Basic Configuration

The Yealink T48G Lync Phone Dubai is highly versatile. It customizes from Built web server from the on-screen menu. It serves pages on both HTTP and HTTPS. The web interface is a bit time taking for security purpose as it features a discreet admin area for IP Address and Login. The Admin interface is easy to use and well laid. It has its icon next to about every parameter to assist new users.

Users can disable and enable some features on this phone. As this device allows you to control it via browser, it allows the user to set their version of Busy on Busy and even enable it from the browser.

The Yealink T48G Lync Phone Dubai operates on Firmware which uses Lync. Cab.

What makes  SIP-T48G Interesting?

A quick powerful and ready to be used, the T48G accepts PIN login details in no time as compared to other devices. Its default settings are pretty exaggerating. Following are a few important expects of this phone.

This phone also has an option of upgrading the firmware direct on the phone. This phone can discover the provisioning server and walking you through the setup guide. It automatically sets check for configuration updates with a remote spike for a proper reboot and check for new settings all again.

  • It features a PIN based Sign In
  • Default can disable DHCP time
  • Users can disable the call waiting option and directly can give the Busy on Busy function instead.
  • Message Button dials into Exchange automatically. Users are required to sign in with their PIN to access the Exchange UM.
  • Access Voicemail without PIN
  • Allows Blind Transfer with People who are not in your Contact
  • Supports both Announced and Blind Transfer


The T48G is one of the very first products from Yealink to offer with Lync Connectivity. This Top of the line handset made a mark with its smattering on screen glitches as it appears to be well powered. The UI is responsive which is supported by a full touch screen. Both of these features combined makes this phone easy to use.

The Yealink T48G Lync Phone Dubai also supports an active Lync Firmware work over. With Lync Support, this phone features easy to navigate UI, BToE, and managing features. This product even as support for Skype, which makes it quite interesting. With that being said, it makes an ideal and affordable solution for your business needs.

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