Yealink VP530 Video Phone Dubai

The Yealink VP530 Dubai is a further innovation of Yealink’s advanced, executive-level IP Video Phone. With integrated audio, video and applications, the VP530 Dubai is a very powerful business video phone. Its large display and easy use make it an ideal all-in-one tool for today’s busy business leaders, regardless of where they happen to be. With excellent performance and rich business features, the Yealink VP530 Dubai offers an all-round, face-to-face network experience that allows users to interact and communicate like never before. Features include:

* Integrated intelligent features that make it exceptionally easy to operate
* Maximum productivity for managers and executives
* Efficient person-to-person contact by video call or video conferencing, leading to lower travel costs and faster decision-making
* Easy to install and simple to administer, upgrade and maintain
* A reduced carbon footprint with energy-saving PoE for a greener world
* Highly customizable and expandable service features

YEALINK VP 530 VIDEO PHONE DUBAI Yealink VP530 Video Phone Dubai
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